The Fake Bungee Jump Prank

The Fake Bungee Jump Prank

The Fake Bungee Jump Prank

Lads if you’re looking for a real challenge.  A stag party prank that will take some serious planning and a monumental effort to pull off. Then there is only one stag party prank for you, The Fake Bungee Jump Prank.

As I mentioned this stag party prank will take some planning so be prepared to get all the lads involved, call in a few favours and make sure everyone is behind pulling this prank off.

When the groom wakes up ready to set off on a day of drinking and a stag party activity that has been organised, blindfold him. Tell him they have something else planned for him. You can even duck tape the blindfold to make sure he doesn’t peak.

On arrival, as soon as he steps out of the car, put him into the harness. Tell him he’s about to do a bungee jump. The ideal location to do this is probably an adventure centre. They usually have a small lake and pier to jump off. Guide the groom along to the edge.

Have one of the guys pretend to be the Bungee jump instructor and run him through what he’s about to do, how to jump and describe the whole process. Strap his feet together and help him to the edge. Once his safety briefing is complete, tell him that you are going to count him down and to simply lean forward and fall forward.

He’ll be expecting to spend the next few seconds free falling through the air. Instead he’ll belly flop into the water and his reaction will be priceless.

Make sure you have the camera phone read for this stag party prank. As you’ll definitely want to watch this over and over again. If you pull this stag party prank off you’ll be talking about it for years to come.

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