The Walk Of Shame Challenge

The Walk Of Shame Challenge

The Walk Of Shame Challenge

The stag party weekend doesn’t end until the groom is safely back in the arms of his beloved fiancé. It’s your mission to ensure that over the course of the weekend that he has one hell of a send off. Plenty of beer, shots and stag party pranks of course. With that in mind you have to pull The Walk Of Shame Challenge prank!

This prank takes a little organisation lads but it’s worth it trust me. You’ll need to pick a cheap revealing dress and high heels. Something that shows off the stags legs and makes his eyes pop. You will also have to get all the lads in on this prank. On the stag night make sure you get the groom drunk. Not that hard.

The following morning make sure all the lads are up bright and early. Leave the Stag sleep it out but only leave him the dress, heels, a few euro and mobile. Head off for breakfast and the cure and wait for the Stag to arrive. He’ll either rock up to the bar, train station or even airport in nothing but a dress and heels.

When he’s dying with a hangover the last thing he’ll want to do is walk around the streets in a dress. This stag party prank is hilarious lads and do make sure to get some photographic evidence to mock in the whatsapp group for months to come.

So, will you be pulling The Walk Of Shame Challenge prank?



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