Stag Party Jenga

Board Games That Need To Be Brought Back For The Stag

Stag Party Jenga

A good stag party prank is a simple one. When you are away on the stag party weekend it can be tricky to pull of a great stag party prank. You might not have a few particular items to truly make the groom question your friendship. However, this stag party prank only uses items in you immediate vicinity. So, are you ready to play stag party Jenga?

Stag party jenga starts as soon as the groom eventually passes out from all the beer and shots you’v been feeding him all night. Once you’re certain he isn’t waking up anytime soon start gathering up items to place on top of the groom. Or right next to him.

The idea of this prank is to build the tallest most elaborate structure you can from items in the room. Think chairs, bottles, ironing boards, bags and basically anything you feel like.

Once your happy with your Jenga tower that has the groom as it’s base, take a few pictures of course and play the waiting game. When he wakes up or even turns in his sleep the tower will come crashing down. Make it more interesting and bet on how long it will take him to topple the tower or will he even make to the morning.

If you lack patience you can gently wake the groom up and watch him try and figure out how he’s going to get out of this tower over him.

A great stag party prank to play after a few drinks and is always a great laugh! So who’s playing Stag Party Jenga?

We have plenty more prank ideas to humiliate him! 



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