Zipper Problems

7 Do Nots For The Best Man At A Wedding

Zipper Problems

We love stag party pranks on the slightly devious side here in Stagparty HQ. This stag party prank is one of those cruel pranks. So if you plan on really hitting the stag where it hurts pull the zipper problems prank.

All you’ll need for this stag party prank gents is a tube of very strong glue. Most DIY shops will stock some. There are 2 ways to pull this stag party prank.

Your first option is, while the groom is showering in preparation for the stag night after a busy day on a stag activity. Grab his trousers or jeans and super glue the zipper shut. If he has more than one pair with him. Super glue them all shut to be safe.

The second option available to you, is to wait until the groom has had far to many beers and passes out. As he doses off superglue his zipper shut. And sure while you’re at it, his belt too.

Which ever option you choose will yield the same result. When the groom has a few drinks and eventually has to break the seal he won’t be able to open his zipper to relieve himself. And even if he knows the zipper is glued shut will make for a very awkward night each time he goes to the toilet. Which on a stag will be a lot with the amount of shots and beer you’ll have.

So will you be so cruel on the stag and pull the Zipper Problems prank?


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