Let’s Get Physical

Lets Get Physical 1

Let’s Get Physical

Everyone seems to be on the fitness kick at the moment. Guys and girls are hitting the gym religiously day in, day out chiseling their bodies so that they look like miniature Greek Adonis’s when they hit the beach this summer or whenever they take off their tops. So Let’s Get Physical!

If your stag is one of these fitness nuts, the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ stag party game, prank, dare, idea or whatever you want to call it will be sure to take him down a peg. Also if the stag is as about as athletic as darts player from the 80’s it will be as equally as funny.

So the ‘Let’s Get Physical’ stag party dare is very simple. On the stag party night and the inevitable pub crawl you’ll end up on, the stag must do 30 press up on entering each bar, club or premise for that matter. Even the chipper!

If the stag fails to complete all the press ups in one go he must down a shot of vodka or have some other forfeit awaiting him. Maybe for each time he fails he has to remove an item of clothing?

And, just if you’re thinking of your mate that actually enjoys press ups and doing 30 is a walk in the park to him. Well, he has to balance a pint glass, which is half full, on his back while performing the 30 press ups. If the glass should spill…you guessed it’s a shot of vodka time.

So for this stag party idea lads let’s get physical!


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