Stag Wigs

Stag Wigs

Stag Wigs

Another great dressing up option for a stag that is always a lot of fun, is for everyone to wear the same wig.


Wigs can be picked up easily from any fancy dress and aren’t expensive.


And for some reason, they always pull women on the dancefloor because it won’t be your dance moves.


A group of lads all wearing giant afro’s never ceases to be funny.


Or a group of lads all wearing a blonde woman’s wig will always get a laugh.


There are plenty of options out there to chose from. Will you go for an afro? Or will you go for the Alan from the ‘hangover’ stag wigs. Our advice is probably not to spend to much on the wig as the chances are you’ll end up loosing on the stag party night.

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