The Stages Of A Stag Party Night

The Stages Of A Stag Party Night

The Stages Of A Stag Party Night

For many a stag party weekend isn’t anything new. But there are some young pups still to experience the wildness, the messing and the physical trauma your body will undertake over 48 -72 hours on a stag weekend. So for the uninitiated here are The Stages Of A Stag Party Night!

The Dress Him Up Stage!

Firstly, before the stag party weekend can really start the groom will be stripped of any normal looking clothes and dressed in some god awful outfit. Because when he’s in a heap later outside a pub. People will just go ‘ah, would ya look. It’s his stag night.’

The Stag Party Activity Stage!

It’s off then for a brilliant stag party activity of your choice. Karting, Bubble Football and a Beer Tasting are always a great call. Paintball is always a firm favourite with stags and if you’ve dressed up the stag, he’ll be easy to pick out. You can then all unload 100 paintballs on him. Regardless if he’s on your team or not.

The Pre-Drinks Stage!

Who are we kidding? Soon as the stag party activity is over and your getting ready to hit the town there will be pre-drinks. Can’t beat a can with the lads!

The First Round Of Pints Stage!

It’s off to the pub and to get in the first round of pints on the stag. A nice big cheers, a few pics taken before the night gets messy and to catch up on a bit of sport maybe. And sure you can’t beat that moment the first pint touches your lips!

The First Round Of Shots Stage!

The first round of pints is swiftly followed by the first round of shots. It’s a stag party at the end of the day and sure we’ll have a few lined up for ye. You all neck them with gusto. It’s at this moment when the night gets interesting!

The Drinking Games Stage!

So much drinking to be done and so little time on the Stag before you give the groom back to his fiancé. Cue the drinking games to kick the stag party up a gear. It’s about this time you also tell your liver to shut up. It’s fine!

The Throwing Up Stage!

There is a few lads that can’t hold their ale in their hands let alone their stomach. They’ll go quiet before slowly making a move to the jacks. Up comes the beer, shots and munch from earlier. Hopefully it’s the start of their second wind!

The Getting Into The Club Stage!

Act Sober! I’ll say it again…Act Sober!

The First Round Of Shots In The Club Stage!

It’s a triumphant feeling, all the lads making it to the club after a day on the sauce. To celebrate we’ve a round of shots waiting. It will also loosen the legs up to hit the dance floor.

The Putting On Of The Beer Goggles Stage!

After the shots in the club and as you start sipping your next drink is about the time you put on the beer goggles. And well we all know what that means. Let’s just say you are not god’s gift to women or Ryan Gosling’s long lost twin.

The Stumbling Out Of The Club Stage!

Unfortunately at some point in the night you will have to leave the club. The alcohol will have taken it’s toll and you’ll walk out of the club resembling something close to a drunk baby giraffe. Just gotta make sure you don’t fall asleep in the toilet first.

The Take-Away Stage!

Once that fresh air hits you after a huge amount of pints and shots you’ll be making a direct line to a take-away. The reason for this is so the following morning you can blame your hangover and sick state on what you ate last night. Not all the drink you had.

The Telling Your Take-Away How Much You Love It Stage!

We’ve all done it at some point. But how much better does your takeaway taste after a scatter of drink. You’ll enjoy every second of eating it on the way back to your stag party accommodation. You’ll also think in another world you could actually marry it.

The Getting In Stage!

Nearly there and the last obstacle in your way from a lie down on a comfy bed is…everything! So prepare to bump into walls, doors, chairs, the floor after you fall and even the toilet. But when you finally make to the leaba just pray you don’t get the spins.



So there you have it lads The Stages Of A Stag Party Night to look forward on your Stag.

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