StagHack-Paper Bottle Opener

StagHack Paper Bottle Opener

StagHack-Paper Bottle Opener

The first in our StagHack series is the Paper Bottle Opener lads. We know that there’s nothing more frustrating on a stag party weekend when you forget a bottle opener for those few bottles of beer before hitting the town. So with that in mind here’s how to master the StagHack-Paper Bottle Opener! If anything you’ll learn a cool new party trick.

All you’ll need for this lads is of course a bottle of beer and a sheet of A4 paper. You can even just rip a page out of a magazine if you were badly stuck. So, start by folding the page vertically in half and repeat it about 3 times. If you can get another fold in, that’s cool too.

Once you’ve done that fold it in half on top of itself to create a tight V-shape. One side should be smooth and the other with numerous ridges from the paper. The side with the ridges goes up against the underside of the bottle cap. Using your Thumb as a lever push downwards and watch the bottle cap fly off.  Voilá, the beer is now ready to drink!

This is a great little party trick that all the lads on a stag party weekend will appreciate. Try it out yourself lads! Here’s a short video on how quickly it takes to make the Paper Bottle Opener and how you won’t have to wait long for that nice refreshing beer on the stag party!



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