The Air Mattress Prank

The Air Mattress Prank

The Air Mattress Prank

Let’s be honest here. So you’ve sorted the stag party location, accommodation and activities? Well then your next thought will turn towards what pranks you’re going to play on your unsuspecting friends. So this is The Air Mattress Prank.


Like most stag parties, there will be copius amounts of alcohol consumed in a short space of time and will usually stop when everyone passes out when they get home. This is where the air mattress prank starts to pop into your head.

Most of us have someone in their group who can sleep through just about anything. After they get back from the night out and pass out, gently move them onto an air mattress when you wake in the morning. Chances are he’ll still be asleep when you’re up and about anyway.

Now if you find yourself in a City centre location, slowly drag the air mattress with your mate on top, out into the street. Best to leave the blanket on him to keep him warm. Also another tip is put him somewhere you can see him from the room. Then simply play the waiting game…or if your impatient drop some water on him.

Have the camera phones at the ready as his reaction will be priceless. A great start to the day!

If you are so lucky to be near water you can always do what these guys did!



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