The Bromance And The Stag

The Bromance And The Stag

The Bromance And The Stag

The stag party really is a way showing how much your bromance means to each other. You head out on the stag party weekend to do stag party activities the stag enjoys, chill out with each other, party with each other and probably at the end of the night throw up with each other. So here is The Bromance And The Stag!


Their have been great bromance’s down through the years. Batman and Robin, Joey and Chandler, Starsky and Hutch, Ant and Dec and even Paul O’Connell and Donnacha O’Callaghan. But if you’re wondering if you’re involved in a true bromance before the stag party weekend. Here’s a few signs to help. The bride to be may worry too.


1. Bro Hug

You’re both not afraid to hug it out. When you haven’t seen each other in a few days…Hug. If your team scores the winning goal…Hug. When one of your mates breaks up with that dope he was dating…Hug. And when you’ve realised that you get a free round of shots on your arrival into the bar courtesy of…Hug!

Free shots lad…


2. You Have Your Own Jokes and Language

You speak in some sort of code. You’ll have words or sayings only your group will know. You’ll also have jokes within your close group of friends that only ye get. If someone was to over hear your conversations there would be genuine concern for you both being functioning members of society.


3. You Have Nicknames For Each Other

There is usually a few nicknames for the lads in each group. It’s the bromance version of pet names like ‘sweetheart’, ‘babe’, ‘honey’ etc. Although some are your usual surname variation but some can be more creative. And when you stroll into your local pub just before you head on the stag party weekend. They’ll shout it at the top of their voice.


4. Ye Talk Some Amount Of Shite

A true bromance among friends gives us a unique power to talk shite all day. Add in some beer on a stag party weekend and we’ll talk shite all night about things like how many cream crackers you reckon it would take to choke a camel or just how comfy this seat is right now.


5. Wing Man Duties Include Back Up Dancing

Most men will admit they’re useless on the dancefloor. They resigned themselves to the fact they will never impress any member of the female population with their dance skills. The only 2 reasons men venture out onto a dance floor in a club is one, there is a song playing that only requires jumping up and down. And two, that some girl will take pity on them, thought you were handsome, walk to the bar in the hope you have some charm when speaking to her. Anyway, a good wing man and a true bromance will see you heading out on the dance floor and dance awkwardly. This might be how you met your fiancé and find yourself heading on the stag party.


6. You Have No Boundaries

One of the reasons for the lack of boundaries could be the fact that you’ve probably showered naked together after a football match. But either way a bromance simply has no boundaries and you will be quiet comfortable sharing stuff with your bro before sharing it with your other half. Sometimes there are things you just can’t tell or ask a woman.


7. You’ve Done Weird Shite Together

This will definitely happen on the stag party weekend. Doing weird and crazy shite on stag party just happens. Nature just takes over really. You know the carry on. You and your bro in a new town or city have a few drinks, hit a late bar, nightclub, then end up on an island at a techno festival, before eventually waking up in a completely different hostel god knows where from the rest of the stag party group and doing it all over again.


8. You Feel Guilty When Haven’t Seen Your Bro In A While

This guilt will creep upon you either 1 of 2 ways. You’ll either be chilling at home and think it’s been a while since I just chilled out with my bro, had a few beers, talked shite and watched the football. The other is when you can’t make a certain event because you promised to do something with the other half. You will be mocked unmercifully for this!


9. You’ve Been Through Thick And Thin

This is the foundation of any good bromance. You’ve been through thick and thin. Awful ex girlfriends, being broke, losing jobs but you’ve always had your mates back. That’s what good friends and a bromance is all about. They always make you feel like you’re winning.


10. Sometimes You’ll Fight

Like any relationship there will be fights at times but unlike women we men get over our quarrels quiet quickly. It’s amazing the power of a pint. Everything looks better sure after a few beers.


11. Lastly, You Tell Each Other “I Love You”

Finally there’s those three words that you tell all your best friends and confirm how much their bromance means to you. The only thing is that it will have ‘man’, ‘mate’, ‘dude’, ‘lad’ etc and the end, so as to avoid any awkward feelings that it might be more than bromance.



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