The five blokes that can be found at a Stag Party 

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The five blokes that can be found at a Stag Party

The five blokes that can be found at a Stag Party are nearly always present. It is still impossible to put all males into just one category. See if you can identify one (or identify with one!)on a Stag night out.

1. Apeshit Andy

No one quite knows why Andy goes bananas but look, everyone has a theory. Most will agree that lives the quiet life for most of the year. This occasion is a big deal for this guy so he’s going to let the hair down. He will likely develop a highly energetic and ape like behaviour towards the end of the night. Enjoy the show!

2. Britvic Bobby

Britvic Bobby is not normally a drinker. However when he goes out socialising he’d normally just have a Britvic orange, as he has no tolerance for alcohol. Now it could be that he has a booze tolerance deficiency. The thing with Britvic Bobby is that at a stag party he works on changing his DNA. It didn’t work the last time but, ah look, let’s give it another lash. Three half pints of beer and he’s rolled up on the floor like an old hound with one ear up and one ear down.

3. Sensible Cecil

These guys are a pain in the arse generally and it’s because we envy them. He turns up in a nicely creased pair of slacks, designer shirt and a sports jacket to match. You couldn’t toss his carefully combed hair if you stuck him in a wind tunnel. The car keys are always in the left pocket, the wallet in the right. The Tag Heur watch is always set on summer time because he likes to rise early. He never misplaces the Polaroid sunglasses. They set on the perfect crafted hair cut that suggests it would take major surgery to remove them. He just drinks what he can hold and he has never “had one for the road”. He thinks “a bird never flew on one wing” is actually a reference to a deformed bird.

One thinks though, he will always ensure that everyone gets home and he’ll be first up without a hangover.


4. Head Butt Henry

We can never understand why these guys get invited to any event. Even if he’s the brother of the groom he’s going to land the group into trouble before the night is out. Once this Head Butt Henry gets a few drinks into him he’s like a fox in a hen house. Rest assured the first night club entry attempt will end in disaster. Limbs flailing everywhere and fists being flown!

5. Harry Houdini

The great illusionist! He will have his hand out for the booze once it’s on the house. When the free bar closes he will vanish like snow in the sunshine. He will reappear as last drinks are called. These guys are so mean they could peel an orange in their pocket.



Plenty more but these are five likely to be on the Stag! We have all identified as one of these scoundrels before! The best thing about a Stag is that any messing like this is all in good fun and will make for amazing, yet hazy, memories.



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