The Hangover Cure Venn Diagram for Stag Weekends

The Hangover Cure Venn Diagram

The Hangover Cure Venn Diagram for Stag Weekends. So you’ve just spent the last 24 hrs testing the strength of your liver by hitting every pub and club in your chosen Stag party location. Last night is fresh in the mind when the effects of all those double jager-bombs starts to rear it’s ugly head, as you lie in whatever you decided was a bed last night.

You emerge from the bath tub as rough as a badgers back side, and your first thought is I need to get rid of this hangover before it gets so bad that you utter the words ‘I’m dying lads’ and you start writing up a will of who gets all your belongings.

What you need of course is a cure. That’s where the Hangover Cure Venn Diagram comes into play. Depending on where you are in the stag, the morning after the first night, the midday slump from lack of sleep, or what you might be craving the Hangover Cure Venn Diagram for Stag Weekends will save you.

There are 4 categories, Cold, Sugary, Takeaways, Alcohol.



This is the go to category first thing in the morning. The likelihood is that your mouth is so dry and dehydrated you’ll have yourself convinced that you spent the night licking the Sahara dessert. My advice whatever you decide to drink, be it a Capri Sun, a Fizzy Drink, or water, make sure you have enough. You’ll hoover up 500 mls with better suction than a Dyson before you know it and you don’t want to be making another walk to the shop.


Also I find an Ice pop or a 99′ is great the morning after a big night out.



Essential all the time during a stag to keep energy levels up. When you’re feeling sluggish after a rough night, and your head is killing you, grab some sugar and get that second wind. If you see a mate succumbing to the effects of a sugar low, bitch-slap him with a Dip Dab and send him into a sugar high.

Now that your awake and refreshed this is probably a good time to move onto alcohol



If you’re setting yourself up for another day and night of it, combine cold, Sugary and alcohol together and boom you’ll be ready to take on the world and that hangover will fade in the background muttering, “I’ll see you Monday”, but for now lets party on!



At this stage you should be well and truly on the road to recovery and the cure is nearly with in a hands grasp. All you need is a munch to satisfy the hangover hunger. The classic fry is always a favourite, breakfast roll and hot chicken rolls are popular choice too, but then you have jambons, pizza, sausage rolls, chipper food and not forgetting your sweet tooth, there’s always crisps and chocolate galore in the local shop. Enjoy as you’ll need the energy and soakage for later.



All these categories can be worked to fit your needs, that’s the beauty of the Venn Diagram, you can have cold, sugary and alcohol which will be a delicious cocktail or an alco-pop to kick start your session with the lads or it might be cold & takeaway, which could be the left over pizza from the night before. The Hangover Cure Venn Diagram for Stag Weekends





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