The Irish Craft Beer Festival

The Irish Craft Beer Festival 1

The Irish Craft Beer Festival

Well, If you didn’t already know from our activity on both Facebook and Twitter, was at the Irish Craft Beer festival in the RDS. Ireland’s best brewers showcased their already outstanding produce, along with some new and interesting blends.

Let me start by saying, if you’ve never been, make sure to book your tickets for 2017 festival now. The Irish Craft Beer festival is a brilliant event to attend on a Dublin stag party weekend. What better a way to kick off your weekend than by tasting loads of new beers.

After I enjoyed the train journey to Dublin, which involved the obligatory cans, I made my way to the RDS. When we arrived we made our way inside the beer hall for want of a better word. You are handed your own beer glass and make your way through ticketing.

beer craft glass

What was waiting for us was wall to wall beer stalls. The sight and smell takes over and you’re scanning to see where you are going to get your first beer.

At the Irish Craft Beer festival you buy tokens for the beers. Just a heads up. This eliminates waiting time at the actual bars which is handy. When you’ve your tokens sorted it’s time to go for a wander, see all the stands and decide what’s first. The lads at each and every brewery are great craic. They’ll fill you in on all the beers, how they’re made or anything strange about the process in which it has been made.

They also give you a little taster so you can decide or not to go for a proper glass full. We sampled all types of beers, ales, IPA’s and even a beer that had a mango slushy in it. Some of the stalls even had cheeses that compliment the beers. I’m in no way a foodie just so you know. All I can say though is, damn that cheese was good.

black donkey beer and cheese

After chatting with the brewers, the Galway Hooker Brewery joined me live on Facebook for an interview and to talk about their beers, inspiration and how they love coming to Dublin each year for the beer festival. We had a great chat and finished the interview with a pint of their new Double IPA.

When we finished the pints with the Galway Hooker lads we were in the mood for a bit of dancing. The Killarney Brewing company were going to be fueling our dancing in the silent disco. If you’ve never experienced a silent disco you’re missing out. A bunch of fully grown adults singing a random assortment of songs that only their friends and themselves can hear. They were also, dancing like total idiots.

silent disco 2

silent disco

Donal Beerfest

When looking in as a spectator, it’s absolutely priceless. If you’re in the mix of it, and probably drunk from all the beers you’ve had, it’s brilliant fun. Have a look for yourself. When it was time to call it a night, there was taxi’s waiting to take you swiftly to a club. Most beers will taste bland in comparison to the beers you’ve been drinking all night. However, Dublin has some great clubs and sure at that stage it’s all about Jager Bombs and shots.

I woke up the morning after rougher than I have been in quiet a while. It didn’t bother me in the slightest as the Irish craft beer festival was brilliant from start to finish, enjoyed in great spirit and will love long in the memory as one of the best nights out I’ve had.

Yet again Dublin proves to be a fantastic night out. Regardless of what you’re in to, there are plenty of events on offer when you book a Dublin stag party. A brilliant weekend is in store for you and your mates. When the tickets go on sale for the Irish craft beer festival 2017, I know i’ll be going again. It’s going to be a long wait.



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