The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game

The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game

The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game

Lads, put a message in to the WhatsApp group, tell the team to get over to your gaff for the Late Late Toy Show! We have the ultimate The Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game!

It’s that time of year again!
Stop by the shops on the way home, stock up on your beverage of choice and play our Late Late Toy Show Drinking Game.

Might be a great way to get the Stag Party crew back together or maybe you have an annual meet up with the lads over Christmas. This is the perfect night for it!

Ready to go?

“There’s One For Everyone In The Audience”
It’s obvious really … A shot for every time Tubs says that famous line!

Rogue Child
When a child goes rogue on the vehicle parade (tractor/scooter/car/bike etc) you must take a drink.

Cheeky Monkey
Anytime Ryan gives a child a cheeky answer take a drink.

Stage Fright!
When a child is paralysed with fear and freezes on camera drink until Tubs moves on to the next Kid.

Every time Tubs accidentally swears take a drink!

Cool Dude!
A drink for every time Tubs tries to be cringy cool or makes a “funny” joke.

Audience Participation
When Tubs asks a random person a question. A drink per correct answer.

Turkey Time
Finish whatever is left of your drink if Dustin makes an appearance.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…
Take a drink every time a child ignores Ryan and the script and keeps talking and playing with the toy they are showing.

100% Irish
Anytime Tubrudy mentions a toy is Irish made, you have to drink something Irish (Guinness, Jameson etc) or 2 drinks of something non-Irish.

When Tubs is forced to clatter a toy to shut it up take a shot.


Think you can handle these rules?


A few side games we recommend playing:

‘Pass The Parcel’ 

Stop by the off-licence and pick up some miniature drink bottles. Wrap it up and pass it around consistently during the ad break. As soon as the opening credits start, the unlucky person holding the parcel has to empty the bottle!
Make sure these are not your standard drinks, make them interesting!

‘Giveaway Prediction’

Pick a “prize” for the looser. For this game you need to listen out for that famous line… ‘There’s One For Everyone In The Audience!’
Obviously pick a shot, mini bottle etc. Before the show starts, get your gang to predict how many giveaways to the audience happen. The person with the furthest answer to the truth is tonight’s looser!

Be ready at 9:35 pm to watch Ryan Tubridy in another cringy Christmas jumper for the Late Late Toy Show 2018!

Enjoy lads!



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