The Nightlife in Albufeira

The Nightlife in Albufeira - albufeira strip

The Nightlife in Albufeira

There is just an endless amount of good things to say about Albufeira. During the day this sunny coastal city in the heart of the Algarve, Portugal. It’s a fantastic place to sunbathe on some of the country’s most wonderful beaches and of course to explore the streets of the old town. When the sun finally sets on Albufeira, the city takes on a whole new personality. So this is a little bit about The Nightlife in Albufeira!


The nightlife in Albufeira can be described as bright vivid colours splashed on a sophisticated background. There are plenty of beachfront restaurants to suit any budget. And it’s always a good call to get some food in before a big night out.

As the dark of the night truly settles over this city. You’ll find that many of the locals and holiday makers will make their way to the main square in the old town called Largo Eng.º Duarte Pacheco. This is where you’ll find some great street performance artists and musicians. Entertaining the passers by or those who have stopped for a beer. Rua Cândido dos Reis and Cais Herculano are also great options for those looking for some lively bars and clubs to kick start the night.

But, if you’re on a Stag party weekend in Albufeira then there really is no escaping The Strip. It’s the place to be really.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Strip is all the multi-coloured lights hanging from every bar and club across the avenue. The second thing you’ll notice is all the people going from bar to bar. A great place for any stag party pub crawl and maybe a round of Pub Golf. Most of the bars and clubs have a similar mantra which is to satisfy everyone’s needs for a unforgettable night out.

The Strip also welcomes Dj’s from all over the world weekly to play the latest hits, live performances and even host drink contests. The perfect recipe really for anyone strolling up and down the Strip looking for some fun and a great night. The atmosphere will suck you in.

If you’re worried they might not be stag party friendly, then don’t be. You’ll find plenty of stag and hen parties on the Strip with bars welcoming them in to prove they have the best happy hour. This is an area for those lively groups and those on a party holiday.

Albufeira will spoil you for choice on a night out. As you can imagine with so many great pubs and clubs so close together. Each wants to stand out from the crowd. You could head to a Foam party. If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend you get to one at your earliest opportunity. They are fantastic craic.

You’ll find bars doing ridiculous deals on jelly shots and even hosting some boat races. You really don’t get that back in Ireland. You can also test your bravery and strength and take on the Rodeo Bull. If even you don’t go on, it’s still fun to watch people fly off it in painful fashion.

The nightlife in Albufeira carries on early into the morning which means, no being kicked out a 2 in the morning when the party really is only getting started.

If you’re like me and a bit sports mad and has to catch the game wherever in the world I am. Then you’ll be delighted to know Albufeira and in particular the Strip have some of the best sports bars with all the live sport channels. You won’t miss a thing, and as soon as the game ends. The DJ cranks up the music and you order beers, cocktails and jelly shots. What was once a sports bar is now one of the best clubs on the strip.

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