The Quiz Master Game

The Quiz Master Game

The Quiz Master Game

As with any good stag party night and weekend there should plenty of stag party games played and few rules put in place to keep everyone on their toes. That’s exactly what the Quiz Master Game is all about. It’s very simple game that will catch out plenty of guys throughout the night.

My advice is to set a time limit or restrict it to a venue as it’s going to be a long night and this game may get the better of some of the lads.

The rules are simple. The best man starts as the ‘Quiz master’. During this time if he asks any of the lads in the group a question and they answer him they must take a drink. Simple.

There are a few exemptions however, like when the quiz master asks if you want another drink or not, you can answer him. Also the quiz master may decide to leave you off if he see’s fit to do so or he might just simply forget from time to time.

The last rule is the game changer, should the ‘Quiz Master’ ask you a question and you respond straight away with F*** you! You don’t have to drink and you become the Quiz master.

This stag party game is fantastic at catching out the lads. You’ll have to come up with clever ways to get the lads to answer questions and take the bait. So as ‘Quiz Master’ how will you take down the lads?



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