The Stag Party Story

The Stag Party Story

The Stag Party Story

This is The Stag Party Story! There’s always a few things that happen on a stag parties. There’s usually some sort of stag party activity catering for whatever you’re into. And, before you say the only thing your group of friends are into is drinking. We have stag party activities that cater for that too.


There is also the inevitable stag party prank that the joker among your group will try and pull. No one ever forgets about the drinking games. They just seem like a match made in heaven when it comes to stag parties. They involve somewhat simple tasks that seem to turn into the most difficult tasks when under the influence. You’ll also wonder how you’re even smart enough to do your current job.

Of course you just have the bunch of lads who just feel it’s a way of seeing who can drink the most before they fall over. Last man standing and all that jazz, but be honest do you really want to be the last man standing and have to deal with all the lads when they are in that sorry a state. I don’t know about you but there is only so many lads I can carry home.

Now we all know we should drink more responsibly. But there is one thing that drinking on a stag party night leads to the following morning…And that’s the Stag Party Story.

If you’re wondering what the stag party story is, well it’s that story you piece together about last nights shenanigans. If you’ve had a big night, there might be bits of the night you don’t remember. Or maybe you don’t want to remember… The discussion of the night before usually happens while you’re currently in search of or enjoying your cure.

Now the discussion starts off along the lines of “I remember getting into the club and then…I woke up with my head hanging over the edge of the bed staring at something that was once called a doner kebab”.

Bingo! One the lads knows this part of the story but will need help when it comes to helping him fill in the blanks about his own night. He’ll pipe up saying something like “You walked in, got a shot named ‘Brain Hemorage’, good call there bai… then you proceeded to pull some shapes that you called dancing, before trying to crack on to this ‘hot one’ which actually turned out to be a poster with a woman in it on a pillar”.

The Stag Party Story also involves the investigation into how one the lads has no money in his wallet. Rookie move to begin with taking out all your stag party weekend money on the first night if you ask me. One the lads will suggest pulling out any receipts you might have in your pockets. This will not end well.

The only feeling worse than seeing the price of the rounds you got in is seeing the rounds you also paid for on your credit card. You’ll be thinking that savings account is going to take a hit to get me to the end of the month…again.

During the stag party story conversation there will things said like ‘remember this’, ‘I can’t believe you did that…’, ‘Did you see what happened to…’ and this helps you piece together what bars you went to, what ye got up and how you got home.

This for me can sometimes be the best craic you’ll have on a stag party weekend. Slagging off everyone because of their antics from the night before. It’s also the point on the trip when you can move these memories into the long-term memory bank as you head out again. It will make for an unforgettable weekend. You’ll all be talking about at the wedding at for years to come.

I think we’ve all used this sentence after a stag party “Remember that time when…”



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