The Top three reasons you need your Stag Do in Cork

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The Top three reasons you need your Stag Do in Cork

Well, look, no one actually needs a reason to go to Cork.

If you say to anyone, “Yeah, I’m going to Cork” you will never be asked why, as everybody knows that going to Cork is about the best decision anyone could make. It’s the southern capital, or as the Cork people would say, “The real Capital Boy”

So to look at the top three reasons you need your” Stag Do” in Cork is wondering which chocolate you’d prefer from a full box of Black Magic.

Needs must, so let’s take our favourites..


Indoor Go-Karting

The National Kart Centre on the Monaghan road, 5 minutes from the City Hall is a fantastic indoor centre built in the old Ford Motor Company factory that first opened its doors to Cork workers during World War 1. It had 7000 employees at one stage, so this Karting track is in the spiritual home of Irish Motor manufacturing. 

The track is one of the most exciting and challenging in the country. It’s made up of a series of mad turns, exhilarating bends, sharp corners, long straights that are brilliant for overtaking and getting the rpm’s screaming back at you as you increase the power. The track has some unique features such as the suspended sections giving the feeling that you are airborne above the cars speeding on the track below. There are great viewing areas, coffee and snack stations and state of the art check-in systems. The centre has different categories for racing, for instance, Endurance racing, Grand Prix, the ultimate experience for groups and the Monster Grand Prix. So for your Stag Do in Cork, let the petrol heads loose on this indoor track and set up the weekend in Style. The lads will thank you.


The Corkonians are not far behind their cousins, the Cute Kerry Hoors, in generating a plethora of festivals and events that draw foreigners, like the Dublin Jackeens or the Men from the sticks, into the Rebel County and its capital. The Cork people wouldn’t be as brazen as that crowd from across the county bounds but they wouldn’t be that far off the mark either.

There’s nearly a festival for every month of the year.

Let’s list a few, some more high profile than others;

The Cork Choral festival in April/May;

Cork midsummer Festival in June. This has music, dancing, food and drink.

There’s the folk festival in September/October

The Cork Film festival in November and the Dragon of Shandon Halloween lantern parade of Cork in October;

Then we have the blockbusters, The Guinness Cork jazz festival that takes over the city on the October bank holiday weekend. Thousands of Jazz enthusiastic from all over the world converge on the southern for a weekend of jazz and booze. The Metropole Hotel on McCurtain Street is the focal point, but there’s music in the pubs and on the streets. A cracking time to have a Stag Do in Cork; 

The next big event is, “Live at the Marquee”

This year has another great line-up with stars like Tommy Tiernan-Paddy Crazy horse and Kris Kristofferson and the strangers. The shows take place nightly inside a huge marquee during the month of July. Bars and restaurants compliment the show;

At Christmas time we have the unique Carrigaline Wren Boys Street Carnival on Saint Stephen’s day.

Take away Central

 “The soakage area” Food that’s needed when the back teeth are submerged;

  It’s on the grand Parade near the Famous Beswick fountain.

  Hitting top spot on the bill is hillbillies with its wide variety of take away foods.    

So Cork is a winner all year round, it would seem! You would be mad not to visit this amazing city for your Stag Do.



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