The Ultimate Stag Party Dance Moves

The Ultimate Stag Party Dance Moves

The Ultimate Stag Party Dance Moves

Lads, we are blessed as a sex with many talents. We excel at drinking, watching sports and generally have the innate ability to be thinking of absolutely nothing which just drives women mad. One thing we are not blessed with and it’s something or female counter parts do with great elegance is…Dancing. We don’t flow or glide over the floor like our female counterparts. What we do have in our arsenal is some of our tried and tested, our go to move when we hear that song playing. These moves are what make up the Ultimate Stag Party Dance Moves.



Jumping, Just Jumping

Let’s be honest here lads when you’ve had a few the coordination may not all be there. So when you hear one of your favourite songs. You go with what you know and just jump, and jump up and down in the one spot. It works a dream for rocking songs not some much for more low key songs. But sure in a club who cares.

The next step up from this is jumping with the finger pointing. Everyone has done it and makes it look like you can keep a beat. But on a stag party you’ll be using it to point at your best mate and letting him know what a great night it is.

Stacking the Shelves

This is a pretty cringey dance move and if you can pull it off and look cool doing it. Well fair play because you’re one in a million. But cringey dance moves belong on the stag party night. So spread everyone aside on the dance floor and proudly stack those shelves.


Even if you can’t do a moonwalk properly, when a bit of Micheal Jackson comes on you’ll be busting out this great dance move. You might feel like you’re actually doing the moon walk but to everyone who is looking at you on the dance floor, you’re just walking backwards. But who cares you’re on your stag party.

The Water Sprinkler

A personal favourite of mine is the water sprinkler dance move. You can do it 2 ways. You can either place your right elbow in your left hand and do the sprinkler motion. The other option is one hand behind your head and with your other arm extended out making the sprinkler motion. A great stag party dance move that always gets a good reaction from the lads.

The Carlton

The greatest of all dance moves. If someone can’t appreciate this fantastic dance move well then they are just sad sad individuals. A dance move that not only brings a smile to your own face but to so many people around you. Just look at it.

So will you be busting out any of The Ultimate Stag Party Dance Moves on your stag party weekend? You know you’ll really want to do the Carlton.



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