Top Games to Play on Your Stag

Top Games to Play on Your Stag

Top Games to Play on Your Stag

Ah.. a Stag Party weekend. A glorious time in a mans life where he heads off on his merry way for a wild weekend like no other with his best friends. There is usually a few beverages involved, an stag party activity or two, some questionable shapes thrown and one almighty hangover afterwards. It’s a fantastic weekend. But, if you’re looking to add something a little extra to the celebrations here are a few top games to play on your Stag.

Pub Golf

A classic game for a stag party weekend. A leisurely round of pub golf. Each pub is a hole and has a drink attached to it. The par on the hole is the required amount drinks you can have to finish off the drink. So, a pint of beer might be a par 3, where a stein of craft beer might be a par 5.

Like in Golf, you’re aiming for the lowest score possible. But do pace yourselves lads. There is a long night ahead and probably another day of the stag too.

Balloon Pop Game

Arguably the most ridiculous looking stag party game. Think of a boat race but with balloons instead of pints. And instead of downing the pints your popping a balloon by humping your mate in front of you. Split yourselves in two teams, blow up a few balloons and tie them to the back of your trousers. Then it’s on your marks, get set…hump.

The first team to pop all their balloons win and the other team must do a forfeit. Oh and there is bound to be one lad who can’t pop the balloon.


This is a top game to play if you’re in self catering accommodation. Use a piece of cardboard or a pizza box. Mark out the lines and arrange your shots where you see fit. Then it’s a matter of figuring out where the other persons shots are first and making him sink them before you sink yours.

Stag Do Fox Hunt

I came across this stag party game on a night out. A guy ran by me dressed as a fox. Didn’t think that much of it until I saw a load of guys dressed for the hunt in the red coats running towards me and in chase of the fox. The Stag is the fox and is given a head start as he races to the next bar. He must get their before being caught and have a pint in hand to survive another day or to the next pub. It’s brilliant craic lads and it will turn heads for sure.

The Inferno Shot

Lastly, this is not so much a game but just a way to make sure the Stag has one almighty hangover. Simply order him the Inferno Shot and just watch him recoil in horror and feel the burn of this shot to end all stags!

So, there you have it lads, just a few top games to play on your Stag. It’s all a bit of craic and sure it’s his last night of freedom.

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