Types Of Players You’ll Find On A Foot Golf Course

Types Of Players Youll Find On A Foot Golf Course

Types Of Players You’ll Find On A Foot Golf Course

As stag party activities go they don’t get any better or more competitive than a round of Foot Golf. Combining 2 great sports has lead to this fantastic stag party activity becoming a firm favourite with our stag party groups. So here are the Types Of Players You’ll Find On A Foot Golf Course.

The majority of us play a game of 5 aside here and there and meet a variety of footballing “talent” that at times is jaw dropping. These players are often the types of players you’ll find on a Foot Golf course. So take a few minutes and see if you fall under any of these types of players.


Football Boots Guy

There will be someone who will show up in a pair of football boots. Guaranteed. He’ll be taking this round of foot golf very seriously and won’t want to lose his footing as he tee’s off. He’ll also makes the excuse that he plays better with them on than in runners.


Player Manager

This is the guy who will be telling you how to kick the ball, the type of shot to play and will be shouting things like put some back spin on it or whip it in from the left. He’ll also react when you don’t do what he says and it goes wrong.


All About The Tricks Guy

This guy makes a fool of you every time you play football with him. He nutmeg’s you so much you consider giving up football for good. His tricks and skills will also make there way on to the Foot Golf course. He’ll be trying back heels, volleys, flicks and of course the rabona.

Be honest a part of you hopes he fails when he try’s the rabona and falls flat on his face.


The Fat Lad With Skills

This guy will be the most unassuming Foot Golf player you’ll find. He’ll look like he has enjoyed the social side of sport a bit to much but as soon as he takes to the Foot Golf course he’ll display a grace-fullness and a skill set that will see him land the ball wherever he likes. Regardless of the shot, angle or conditions he’ll be a contender to win the round of Foot Golf. And, you’ll begin to think if he got himself in shape that he could have easily been a pro.


The Knee Strap Guy

We all know who this guy is. He’ll rock up to the Foot Golf course wearing his customary knee strap he has had for years. It will be old, different colours from year of sliding in mud and look like it actually doesn’t support anything as the elastic is all gone. It’s simply his placebo and should he start to have a nightmare on the course will blame that old injury and point to his dodgy knee.


The Crap Guy

This poor fella is just a good friend and putting himself through some shameful misery on this stag party activity. He might not even be able to remember the last time he kicked a ball or even worse, he does remember and try’s not to relive the horror show. He’ll take part in this stag party activity but will experience a tough afternoon slicing kicks, missing kicks and won’t have any touch for the delicate Foot Golf greens.


The Power Player

This Foot Golf player is all about power. He’ll take an almighty run up and just puts as much power into his drives. He’ll also hit them with an element of hope that they stay on the Foot Golf fairway and that he lands the ball close enough to the hole as he lacks the finesse for the putting greens. But when he hits the sweet spot it’s a sight to behold.

The Bull Toe

His skills are limited and he knows it. So, he goes with the trusty bull toe for every type of shot in Foot Golf. He’ll bull toe it for the drive, the chips and even the putt. He’ll just take some of the power out of it.

To be fair these are probably the boots he should wear…

Types Of Players You'll Find On A Foot Golf Course

Types Of Players You’ll Find On A Foot Golf Course



So, there you have it, the Types Of Players You’ll Find On A Foot Golf Course. Does any of your stag party group include any of these players?



Finally, If you’re interested in Foot Golf as your stag party activity make sure to contact us today and don’t forget to check out our activities pages for the full list of stag party activities we have on offer.



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