Waterford for a Stag Party

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Ah the good ol’ Déise! Waterford City is a fantastic spot with so much to offer and it’s located in the south of Ireland. It also happens to be a very popular stag party destination because it’s perfectly suited to host any stag party! Waterford is a relatively small city when it comes to scale. That’s part of why it’s a great place for a stag party. Waterford has so many pubs, clubs and restaurants all packed nice and neatly into its city. It makes travelling around and finding places to go really simple. Most places are all within a 2-minute walking distance from each other so when your pint is gone and you’re ready to move on, you won’t have to travel far to find your next spot. So let’s get into why Waterford is the place for your stag party. Here is Waterford for a Stag Party.



Ease Of Access to Waterford for a Stag Party

Since Waterford is so conveniently placed between Cork and Dublin, it makes it the perfect middle ground if you’ve got a group that’s gonna be travelling from both directions. And since it’s approximately just 90 minutes of travel time from both Cork and Dublin, it helps you to avoid a journey that’s long and boring. It also has buses and trains that travel regularly into Waterford City so you’ll find it super easy to get there.

The Activities

Waterford has a huge list of fun activities available for your stag party. Try out a list that includes things such as surfing, paintballing, karting, bubble soccer and more. As well as these, Waterford also has some more relaxed activities such as a night at the dog tracks, a brewery tour, or even just a simple afternoon of sports on the TV with a few drinks.


Food & Drink in Waterford for a Stag Party

You’ll find some amazing food and drink in Waterford! Even the lads with finer tastes will find something there, with foods that range from Italian, French, Chinese and more. You’ll definitely have plenty of choices when it comes to places to eat and drink in Waterford. An added bonus is that you won’t pay the big city prices like other cities. When your bellies are full you can then spend the rest of the night taking in the Waterford nightlife with its many pubs and clubs.


So Much More To Do

On top of all the activities and the food and drink, Waterford also offers some great areas to go and visit, both within the city and just outside. While you’re in the city, try to spot some of the many amazing murals. Or go outside the city and take a trip to Tramore, Dunmore East or Kilmeaden. Waterford has some amazing spots for you and the lads to go and see.



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