Westport for a Stag Party

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Looking for a place that’s fun and exciting while having everything needed for a great stag party? Well Westport ticks all of those boxes. This is Westport for a Stag Party!

Westport is located in Co. Mayo and is a fantastic town that’s also a very popular stag party location. It’s just the right sized town for a stag party, it’s not too big and not too small. But what makes Westport great is that it has everything you need for a great stag party and it’s got some fantastic bars and restaurants that have great reputations for both their food and drinks as well as their welcoming vibe.

Westport also has some amazing beaches for you and the lads to enjoy some ice cold beers (preferably during the summer) while you take in some sun.

But let’s get into what else makes Westport such a fantastic spot for stag parties.


Self-catering is the way to go in the town of Westport but that doesn’t take away from the accommodation that’s available. Whether you choose to stay in a hotel or guesthouse to ensure you’re near everything or if you want to take in the scenery with some glamping, Westport has plenty of options for you on your stag party.


You’ll find a massive mixture of great activities that are all suitable for your stag party in Westport. Take part in activities such as Ziplining, Clay Shooting, Bubble Soccer, a Farm Brewery Tour and Turf Warrior to name a few. But what Westport also offers is an 18-hole golf course that’s not too far outside the town and Croagh Patrick is also nearby. So hit up Westport for a spot of golf or a mountain hike with the lads.

Ease of Access

As well as being a hotspot for stag parties and hen parties, Westport is also a very popular tourist destination and that means good public transport! With regularly scheduled buses and trains travelling both in and out of Westport, you’ll find it easy enough to get there.

Food & Drink

The bars and restaurants around Westport have some fantastic reputations and all of them are super welcoming to stag and hen parties. Enjoy the banter with the lads as you take in some delicious grub and then wash it down with a few drinks.


Westport also does really well in the nightlife department. There are a few nightclubs to choose from, but make sure to arrive early because they can pack up pretty quickly with the amount of stag parties and hen parties that go to Westport.


From sandy beaches to mountain hikes and then to great bars that make you feel at home, Westport brings a lot to the table when it comes to stag parties. Not only are the activities great, but so are the people and the bars and restaurants.



So if Westport sounds like a great place for your stag party then check out our Westport Stag Party Package and we’ll get it sorted for you!


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