What Not to Wear to the Wedding

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The standard wedding attire is pretty common knowledge but there’s some room to play with. You can choose a fancy three piece suit with a nice shirt, tie and shoes, or go a bit more casual with a plain shirt, pants, shoes and an optional tie or dickie bow. Even though the appropriate attire is common knowledge, people still turn up in the strangest outfits that could be thought of! So if you’re struggling to choose what to wear to the upcoming wedding and you want to stay within the lines of what’s acceptable or not, then this guide is for you. Here’s what not to wear to the wedding.




Jeans might look good on a night out with the lads but it’s definitely not appropriate for a wedding. Ditch the jeans and if a suit pants is an absolute no-no for you then at least swap the jeans with a pair of chinos.



This is one to avoid at all costs. You don’t want to look like you’re ready for a wedding at 4pm and a run at 8pm. While comfort is important, there are more ways to be more comfortable than just wearing trainers.


Shorts & Tshirt

Even if the wedding is in a foreign location with plenty of heat and sun, wearing shorts and a T-shirt is still strictly forbidden! 


A black Tux

Avoiding a Black Tux is important for three reasons.

1) you don’t want to upstage the Groom.

2) it’s a wedding, not a ballroom dance.

3) the role of 007 is already taken!



Even in everyday life Crocs are frowned upon so they’re definitely ones to avoid for a wedding. Sandals and flip-flops may be fine for walking around the pool at the gym or walking along the beach, but they have no place at a wedding. And definitely not with socks!


All black

It’s not a funeral. Add a bit of colour to signify the happiness of the day and you’ll be absolutely fine!


Distressed Clothing

While the ripped jeans look is very much in right now, it’s still not appropriate for a wedding and shouldn’t even be thought about. Not only will you look appropriate but your knees will be warm too, lads!


Anything against the dress code

Sometimes the dress code is stated on the wedding invitations so you definitely don’t want to go against what it says because the bride and groom spent enough time thinking about it to specify on the invitations.



The only time any of the above are acceptable for a wedding is if the dress code specifies for them. So keep that in mind when choosing your outfit.


Sticking to a three piece suit is always a safe bet for a wedding. Or even just a shirt and pants! It’ll help you to avoid feeling under or over dressed.


We hope this guide on what not to wear to the wedding helps you to make a safe choice.



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