What to do on a Stag in Prague


So you are off on your stag party to Prague. Your flights are booked, the lads are excited but now you need to book some stag party activities to keep the lads out of the pub for the Saturday afternoon. Not sure what to do on a stag in Prague? We have checked out the top  stag party activities in Prague to guarantee a lot of fun in the Czech Republic

1. Tank Driving

Yes you heard right, tank driving. Our source in Prague tells us Irish lads love putting their driving skills to the test and reliving childhood dreams of driving a tank at a centre about 30 minutes outside of Prague.

2. Boat cruise

So we are told this is one of the top choices for Irish lads going to Prague. A 60 minutes cruise on the river. Great music, few drinks, great craic

4. Streak And club

Something we are told the Irish lads love – a steak and a club. So while you enjoy your t-bone and garlic butter and you can then head onto a nightclub after

5. Zorbing

It seems zorbing has an international stag party appeal, it’s not just for the pitch of Cork. And our source on the ground tells u lads are booking it by the plane load in Prague.

So apparently these are the suggestions of what to do on a Stag in Prague. Why not try one for your Stag Party in Prague?


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