Why Prague is the Hottest Stag Location for 2019

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Why Prague is the Hottest Stag Location for 2019

The capital city of the Czech Republic is becoming increasingly popular for Stag Party trips. Do you want to know what all of the hype is about? Here’s why we think Prague is the hottest Stag Location for 2019.

Firstly, what setting could be more apt for a brilliant Stag then the medieval backdrop of the Old Town. With its high flying spires and classical buildings oozing with character. Combine that with its famous pubs and booze imbibing culture and you’re onto to a winner location.

If it’s a boozy Stag you’re planning on then this is the place to be. There is beautiful Czech beer of the plenty and you wont be having to empty your entire bank account when buying rounds because its relatively cheap. You can do anything from a 5 hour pub crawl to a beer culture and tasting tour. Each pub comes with its own character and personality. And also comes along with live music so you can be guaranteed a great night.

There are plenty of amazing restaurants and food stands to kick start the night and get the stomachs lined for the boozy festivities. Anything from the medieval taverns and castles that’ll give ye the full Ancient Prague experience to the lively and head bopping Hard Rock cafe, It’s safe to say theres something for every type of Stag.

Flights and Accommodation are also fairly cheap in terms of going abroad for a stag. Theres also the option of flying out from Dublin or Cork, so convenience and accessibility wont be an issue.



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