10 Essentials to pack for a Stag Party Weekend


10 Essentials to pack for a Stag Party Weekend

The lads involved in organising the stag do are usually preoccupied trying to plan the best pranks to pull on the groom and often forget the necessities that they need in order to survive a stag weekend. So we have come up with a little survival guide that includes some of the items that we believe will get you through the stag party weekend. So here are 10 Essentials to pack for a Stag Party Weekend!


1. Clothes

Always pack more than you need! Only bringing what is required is never a good option as things tend to get pretty messy on a stag party. Drinks will be spilled and clothes may be taken as an act of kindness from your friends who like to play stag party pranks. So pack up the suitcase with extra clothes so you are prepared for whatever the stag party throws at you!


2. Mobile 

This is essential as you will need to contact the other members of the stag, especially if you get lost and need to regroup with the rest of the lads. Have a reliable person on call just in case someone has decided to stick you to a lampost and you need to be rescued. It’s happened… be aware, be very aware!


3. Map

This is a necessity for a stag trip if you decide to have it abroad or in a different county and you have no idea where you are going. Mobile coverage is not always guaranteed for internet access if you are thinking of relying on google maps. Nobody enjoys being made fun of for being the guy that carries around the map but trust me on this.. the lads will thank you for it when they’re drunk and have no idea where they are going! It may also work in your favour because they will obviously owe you several drinks for being their personal tour guide for the day! Cha ching!


4. Fancy Dress 

This is a must! Especially if the stag party are holding a themed night. However, if like me, you are really unorganised and find that you have no outfit ready by the time the day arrives then then just slap on some face paint like Heath here! Sorted!


5. Hangover Cure

Ahh the age old question! Whatever works for you bring it! Bring lots of it! As of yet we still do not have a cure for this but Berocca will definitely ease the pain, so make sure to pack them with you. If you are travelling abroad you can pop them in your travel luggage as they are a convenient size. Hangover be gone!


6. Duct Tape

For those of you that are mischievous and want to wreak havoc on the stag weekend (and rightly so!) you will probably want to bring some duct tape with you so you can pull it out and attack the unknown suspect when the time seems fitting. In the words of Mr.Burns… Excellent!


7. Money 

Always a must! A credit card will not be sufficient as some places may not always accept this! Cash is always handy to have, especially small change for taxis.


8. Itinerary

Okay! okay! nobody wants to be that guy but just as the map guy will reap the rewards through extra drinks, you too will be rewarded for having the itinerary and making sure the gang know what is happening at all times. It also saves time which is invaluable on a stag weekend! Less time spent wondering what’s happening next = more time for stag party fun!


9. Extra Underwear

This is always something for those ‘just in case’ moments, but it is particularly important on a stag do, especially if your mates decide to pull the mars bar trick on you. That will not be a pleasant sight for anyone to behold so do as your mam once said and pack a few spare ones!


10. A sense of humour!

So there you have it! some of the essentials that you need to bring for a stag weekend away. Now that you’re ready, all that’s left to do is go out on your stag. Have fun lads! Bring a sense of humour and embrace the drunken antics and all that comes with it!


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