12 things every Best Man Needs To Know

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12 things every Best Man Needs To Know

It’s such an honour to be asked to be the best man so it’s only natural that you want to do a really good job and with that comes great responsibilities! Here are the 12 things every Best Man Needs To Know. Don’t freak out though because here at we have you covered and we know all the tips and tricks to make sure that you fulfill your Best Man duties to a top notch standard.


1. The Stag

Plan the stag do! Maybe get a few of the groomsmen in on this one as well to help out with the organising! Visit the website or Facebook page for some ideas on what to do for a stag weekend from the locations to go to, the pranks to play and the best activities to do!


2. Organise! Organise! Organise!

There is a lot that needs to be done so it is important that you are extremely organised for the months ahead. Pick up a diary so that you can make notes and keep track of important dates or telephone numbers such as the photographers and videographers that will be attending.


3. Inform

Make sure that the groom and all the groomsmen know of any changes that you are making to the schedule, especially with regards to rehearsals or tux fittings.


4. Support

Be a constant support for the groom as this is a nerve wracking time for him and he could do with moral support and advice to make him feel at ease.

On the day of the wedding why not stand by the grooms side when he is waiting for the ceremony to commence and offer some words of encouragement before the bride walks down the aisle.

As a nice gesture you can organise a gift for the groom and give it to him on the morning of the wedding which will make him feel more relaxed and calm about the day ahead.


5. Rehearsal

It’s important that all members attend rehearsals so that they know what the plan is for the day of the wedding. This can include the church rehearsals but also speech rehearsals. This will eliminate any confusion.


6. Tux

Help the groom choose the tux. It’s always nice to get a second opinion on what it looks like and what suits him best.

Organise the tux fittings and double check that everyone can attend them as this is a very important part of the whole process. If everyone attends the tux fitting at the same time it will alleviate any issues with different tux’s being bought or any issues with incorrect sizes. It also means that you can tick another item off the to-do list!

On the day of the wedding you should help the groom get ready. This includes fixing the tie and making any last minute adjustments to the tux. You can also help him put the cufflinks on his suit.


7.  The Ring

If you only do one thing right on the day at least make sure that you remember the ring!

Also, if there is a ring bearer, the child should know what they are doing. It may be wise to attach the rings to the pillow. Of course if there is no ring bearer then you can hand the rings to the groom himself.


8. The Car

Organise the departure from the home the morning of the wedding. Help decorate the car with banners but make sure to keep it classy.


9. Head Count

When you arrive at the church do a quick headcount before going in just to make sure that all the groomsmen are there.


10. Mingle

When you get to the hotel reception be friendly with the guests. Don’t be shy! Offer food and drinks and mingle with the guests and make everyone feel welcome on the day. It might also help settle some of the pre speech jitters!


11. Round Up the Troops

Once everyone has arrived at the hotel from the church, gather the groomsmen together and get prepared for professional photographs.


12. The Speech

Make sure to organise who will be giving speeches at the wedding and know what order each person is speaking. And that’s it!



These are just the 12 things every Best Man needs to know. I’m sure there are a few more that you can also add to the list. You will have worked so hard in the lead up to the big day so make sure that you relax too and have a great day!



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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