4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2

4 Days In Edinburgh Day 2

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2

A late night on Saturday was followed by a proper lie in on Sunday. Luckily for me there was no one planning a stag party prank to wake me up. A warm shower was my idea of a wake up call. That was followed by another fry up. Because I needed something to soak up the drink from last night and add a bit of soakage for what I had planned. This is 4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2.


Whiskey Tasting

As I was in Edinburgh I was always going to experience a stag party activity that is always a hit with our stags. That stag party activity was a Whiskey Tasting. Because the Scot’s know how to make a damn good Scotch! I made my way swiftly towards the Scotch Whisky Experience which is just off the Royal Mile.

There are a variety of different whiskey tasting options in Edinburgh and even day excursions to the distilleries if you fancied it. The beginning of the Scotch whisky experience runs through the process in how Whisky is made. Oh just in case you think I can’t spell. In Scotland it’s spelled Whisky.

After a brief explanation on the history and process of making whisky it’s off to the Blender’s Room. In the Blender’s Room you will learn how to differentiate the whisky’s. There are four main areas that produce Scotch whisky. The Highlands, the Lowlands, Speyside and Islay.

Each whisky area has a distinctive aroma and bouquet. It won’t take you long to pick out which whisky’s come from where in the tasting. After the Blender’s Room it’s onto the largest collection of Scotch Whisky’s. It’s simply staggering how many there are and all from Scotland. Some of these whisky’s cost thousands of pounds and even a measure from one bottle would probably set you back a couple of hundred euro.

They even have 2 bottles of Scotch Whiskey that date back to 1897 and 1904! Take a quick look at them below and the little video tour I did.

To complete the Scotch Whiskey experience is a selection of 4 different types of Whisky’s. There is also a guide of what notes and flavours to look out for. They also number them 1 to 4 so that you don’t over power any of the other whisky’s with a stronger flavour. The Islay whisky is the main culprit as it has a heavily smoked taste.

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2

After the Whisky tasting it was off to you guessed it a pub. I was told about a great little pub in Old Town that I had to visit. It was a short walk from the Royal Mile and I found it. The Brass Monkey. When you walk in it looks like any other local bar. However, just off the bar was one of the coolest lounge areas I’ve ever had the pleasure of having a pint.

The room was all beds! Big massive beds with plenty of areas to rest your pints. This lounge also had a big screen and when I arrived they were showing the Big Lebowski one of my all time favourite movies. This would be the perfect pub for those cure pints after a big night out. Because, let’s be honest lads you’ll need them.

It was then off to grab a bit of food. I’ll need the energy for what I had planned for later that night. So on route for food a lovely little pub caught my eye. So I had to pop in for one of their own brews because it would be rude not to. The World’s End pub served up a delicious pint and it had been a while since I’ve seen beer served in a glass like this.

Pub Crawl

After a quick bite to eat, a shower and a splash of aftershave it was back to the royal mile to begin the pub crawl. Because a stag isn’t really a stag party without a pub crawl. And there are plenty of organised pub crawls in Edinburgh lads. You’ll see the signs dotted along the Royal Mile and across the city. The prices vary from about £7-£12. They include shots in every bar, drink deals and entry into a club.

You’ll meet loads of people from different countries that are all up for a mad night out. Definitely worth doing one of the nights that you’re in Edinburgh lads.

4 Days In Edinburgh: Day 2

So, we finished up in a club that loved their smoke machine. We probably left the place around 3am. All the pints and whisky’s from earlier in the day were catching up on me. Now it was time to find some munch. There is not shortage of food after the club lads. So whatever your post club munch is, you can rest easy knowing Edinburgh has it and it will fuel your short walk back to the accommodation.

Finally, join me on my 3rd Day in Edinburgh where I find one of the cities best pubs, explore graveyards, museums, dungeons, vaults and find out a wagon load about Harry Potter. Because no doubt there is a few secret Potter fans reading.



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