4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party

4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party

4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party

It can be a difficult process sometimes deciding on the stag party location. Finding a location with great stag party activities, pubs and clubs are essential elements in choosing a stag party location. We’re always looking to make the process of organsing a stag easier lads, so with that here are 4 Reasons For A Cork Stag Party!


1. All the Accommodation, Pubs & Clubs Are In Walking Distance

Let’s be honest here lads. Most stag parties will involve a decent amount of drinking. You’ll probably hit a few different pubs during the day to get a flavour of the town or city you’ve chosen for the stag. One of the great things about Cork City is all the pubs and clubs are in walking distance of each other.

So, if you decide to go on a pub crawl you’ll spend more time drinking then you will walking or trying to find the next pub. This also comes in handy after you break the seal! And when it’s time to hit the leaba, it’s only a short stroll back past some tasty chippers too.


2. The Pub Scene Itself

As mentioned above the pubs and clubs are all in walking distance. However, there is also a huge variety and selection of pubs on offer in Cork City to suit any stag party group. Cork has some brilliant sports bars that serve up great pints, food and sport every weekend. If you’re more into craft beers you’ll find fantastic breweries and bars offering their local brew around every corner. And if you’re looking for a trendy and super slick bar you’ll find plenty.


3. Late Bars and Clubs

Many of the most popular pubs and bars in Cork are late bars. So, if you and the lads are locked in a great session, laughing and joking on and fancy not moving you’re sorted. If you do fancy stretching the legs on the dance floor and pulling some questionable moves then there is no shortage of top quality clubs in Cork. All the clubs are hoping at the weekend and are always brilliant craic!


4. Stag Party Activities

You’re liver will probably thank you for taking some time out from drinking to do a stag party activity gents. And Cork city has tons of them. There are stag party favourites like Paintball, Karting and Bubble Football of course. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique then why not give Zip Lining a try. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie you can give Cable Wakeboarding a try or test your football skills with a round of Footgolf!



Whatever you choose as your stag activity you’re in for a great time and you’ll work up a serious thirst for the pints in the pub afterwards.


So, there you have it lads! 4 Reasons for a Cork Stag Party! Will you be heading to the Rebel County for your Stag?


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