7 Do Not’s For The Best Man At A Wedding

7 Do Nots For The Best Man At A Wedding

7 Do Not’s For The Best Man At A Wedding

So, if you’ve just been asked to be your friends best man for his upcoming wedding a certain thing happens. I could say you should express to him that you feel proud, emotional and even overwhelmed. These emotions however are only masking the truth, that you are in fact shitting a brick. There are some many responsibilities involved in being the best man, but organising stuff like the stag party isn’t what’s scaring you, (because have ya covered on that front), it’s not looking like an idiot and remember what ‘NOT’ to do on the wedding day that has you sweating like a man on death row. Coming up are 7 Do Not’s For The Best Man At A Wedding.


When asked by the groom are ok with everything involved you’ll say “Yeah, it’s grand” – code for “Feck, I’m goosed here”.

So with that in mind here are 7 Do Not’s for the Best man at a wedding.


1. Don’t get the groom wasted on the big day

You’ve had plenty of time to do that on the Stag party lads. This is not one of those days. You’ll probably be with him the morning of the wedding, getting him ready etc. I’m not saying he can’t have one to calm his nerves but lashing into shots as soon he gets to the reception is a no go! He will have photos to take, a speech to make, have to dance in front of everyone and well it is his wedding night!

2. Don’t lose the rings!

God what ever you do on the day, do not lose the wedding rings. It’s pretty much the reason you’re there! And, as funny as it was in ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ when Hugh Grant forget them and got 2 stand in rings from people in the church. It was a movie and I guarantee the bride will not react the same way.

3. Don’t space out during the wedding rehearsal.

If the bride-to-be has organised a rehearsal, do pay attention. If she’s the Monica from Friends planning type and you wreck her plan. Well you’ll be in for a clattering.

4. Don’t Balls up the speech.

I know this one kinda goes without saying. But, there’s no one asking you to have an award winning speech. You can get away with the basic ‘safe’ speech and it will be fondly remembered. I’ve been to a wedding where the speech was so bad that it had to be stopped. Christ I cringe when I think about it. Don’t be that guy!

5. Don’t forget the deodorant.

Lads if it’s a summer wedding or even a wedding abroad. Remember to bring deodorant. There are buttons on shirts that easily open to slide an arm in for a quick spray. Might also be worth having a little bottle of smellies the groom can splash on. Nothing worse then a smelly groom.

6. Don’t Say..”This is the happiest day of my life”

Eh…these words should not be coming out of your mouth. It’s not your wedding day lad! You could be thrilled that your best friend has found the love of his life, but no need to get sappy!

7. Don’t make an announcement 

Do not use this highly public setting to make an announcement about yourself or even consider proposing to your significant other on your friends big day. It’s happened where the best man has proposed to his partner in the middle of his best man speech. If you see this happening, run to the top table and give the best man a swift kick in the nuts. It’s their day not his and the bride will thank you for it.

So there you have it, a few tips of how not to look like a complete idiot on the wedding day and how to ensure you’re not hated by your best friends future wife. That cannot be underestimated especially when you want to drag him off for a weekend away with the lads.



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