Beat The January Blues By Going On A Stag Party

Beat The January Blues By Going On A Stag Party

Beat The January Blues By Going On A Stag Party

We’re all back to work at this stage. The Fear of the first day was palletable for some and many are still feeling it after a hectic 2 weeks off drinking and eating everything in sight. They quickly slipped out of the routine of going to work and how to actually work too. And more than likely we are all watching our money until we get paid at the end of the month. So no wonder some of us suffer from the January blues. But we have your best interests in mind lads, Beat The January Blues By Going On A Stag Party!

I read recently tips on beating the January Blues. These so call experts talked about getting active, eating well, being sociable etc. Not one of them mention a Stag Party! A stag weekend ticks all the boxes.

Get Active

A lot of people decide in January decide to join up to a new gym, get active and lose a few pounds that you acquired over the holidays. There are tons of ads and offers to help unlock that new super active you. But here at we’ve been offering brilliant activities for years.

You can get active on a stag with a game of 5 a side, enjoy a invigorating cycle while Mountain Biking or even hit the water for some Canoeing, Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Let’s be honest these are a great way to get active and would also make a great Stag Party Triathlon!

Take A Trip

Another one of the tips was take a trip. Something to look forward to after the memory of Christmas and New Years has faded. This is our bread and butter lads. We organise trips away all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. Experience a new town or city and even explore new cultural delights. And of course you’ll be looking forward to the trip. You’ll be heading away for a stag party weekend with the lads, enjoy pints, activities and some good laughs!

Eat Good Food

Health experts talk about the importance of eating good food in January to boost your mood. Now you tell me how you wouldn’t be in a great mood after taking on, or even watching, the Stag Vs Food challenge. A mountain load of food to line your stomach, fuel you for the night and to help you forget about those new years resolutions you made a few days earlier.

Be More Sociable 

Locking yourself away for the month will do nothing to help your January Blues. There is only so much Netflix you can physically watch. So make sure and be more sociable. The best way to do this? By going on out partying of course and more specifically on a stag party. You can’t deny you aren’t more sociable when you’re out having pints with the lads and introducing yourself to anyone and everyone in the bar.

Enjoy A Good Nights Sleep

A key to anyone’s well being is enjoying a good nights sleep. Everyone is in a happier mood when they are well rested. Stag Parties can always deliver a good nights rest. How you may ask? Well consume enough beer so that when you finally turn in for the night, you’ll be dead to the world and sleep like a log!

Save Money

January for most us means watching our money after an expensive time of the year. But we at pride ourselves in saving you money on your stag party weekend. Our packages start from €69 and will won’t break the bank as you enjoy a trip away and a great stag party activity.

Enjoy A Day Out

You really can’t be a day out with the lads. If you’re all sorted for accommodation or plan on staying local for your stag weekend we can just organise the Activity for you. So enjoy a day out and take another step to beating your January blues.

Take Up A New Hobby

One thing many people do in the New Year is to try and learn a new skill, take up playing an instrument or a new hobby. So why not try one of our new Stag Party Activities in 2017. Who knows after some American Football, Baseball, Windsurfing, or Zip Lining you’ll be hooked and it could turn into a life long hobby.


January blues only come about if you lack in positivity. I know it can be difficult being positive all the time and trying to get back into the swing of the work routine. So that’s why you need to head on a stag party weekend asap. Everyone is always positive on a stag party. Take a minute and think about it. You say yes to nearly everything on the stag, with a smile on your face and probably a beer in hand too. There’s no January blues on a stag party.

Treat A Loved One

One way of beating any sort of January blues is treating a loved one. It always feels good to do something nice for a loved one. You might only tell him between the hours of 2am and 3am but you do love your mate. He’s recently got engaged so treat him to an epic stag party weekend and start planning it with us here in We’ll make sure it’s an unforgettable weekend in a great location with a brilliant stag party activity. All that’s left for you to do is say ‘I Love You Man’ at the appropriate time.

So, there you have it lads. Don’t spend the next month down in the dumps. Beat The January Blues By Going On A Stag Party!


If you’re looking at having your stag party in 2017, drop us a line on or call us on 051390383 for more details! 


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