Stag Vs Food

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Stag Vs Food

Since Man V Food hit our TV screens Irish men have eager to take one of the many food challenges that he demolished. We know your struggle lads and that’s we are proud to introduce our Stag Vs Food Challenge as a stag party activity!

This stag party activity lads is all about go Big or go home! We wearing you comfy and stretchy pants and to prepare yourself for those meat sweats! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. One thing is for sure lads, you won’t lack any soakage for the stag night ahead.

The Stag Vs Food challenge consists of you eating a mountain of food in 30 minutes or less. Easier said then done. Best to arrive with a hunger. Should the groom complete the Stag Vs Food challenge he’ll be placed on the wall with the rest of the successful challengers.

The rest of the group will get some grub too. It wouldn’t be fair to make ye sit there and watch on an empty stomach. The challenger will also get a free XL, (you’ll need the space), t-shirt! To commemorate the occasion.

This stag party activity will have all the lads in stitches as they watch the groom test his man hood. It will also make for some great pictures, videos and talk in the pub afterwards.

Lastly, after deciding you’re man enough for the challenge you’ll have to decide who’s sharing a room with the groom. That poor soul!

Available on our Cork, Athlone, Waterford, Carrick on Shannon, Killarney, Clonakilty, Kilkenny, Sligo and Belfast stag party packages! 



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