Best Man Duties

Best Man Duties

Best Man Duties




We thought we’d give a hand and let you know what being asked to be the Best Man means. It means writing a speech, helping on the day and making sure your mate has a great send off at the stag. These are some Best Man Duties.

And here are some of the other jobs you’re signing up to…

  • Organise the stag. Obviously. And make sure the groom has a great send off.
  • Make sure the groom gets to the church on the day.
  • Stands beside Groom as wingman at the service.
  • Mind the rings on the day and give the groom the rings at the alter.
  • Signs the register as a witness, at the end of the service.
  • Follows the bride and groom down the aisle with the maid of honour.
  • Calls on the father of the bride and the groom to make speeches at the reception.
  • Makes a speech at the reception- always including how beautiful the bride looks.
  • Reads out telegrams and cards at the meal.
  • Announces the cutting of the cake.
  • Takes part in the first dance, dancing with the maid of honour.
  • Act as a ‘gift taker’ for the day.

And most importantly, don’t forget to say how beautiful the bride looks on the day!




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