The Best Pubs in Galway on a Stag Party Weekend

The Best Pubs in Galway on a Stag Party Weekend

The Best Pubs in Galway on a Stag Party Weekend

Let’s be honest here for a moment lads. One of the big reasons you’re going on a Galway Stag Party is for the nightlife. And more specifically the pub and bars that are going to facilitate taking the stag himself to a whole new level of drunk. Sure, you have to give him a proper send off! Galway has tons of brilliant stag party activities on offer lads. But, one of this city’s real treats is its amazing pub scene. So, here’s what I think the Best Pubs in Galway on a Stag Party weekend are.

Let the debate begin I suppose but these are my choices lads. If you feel a particular pub should be on the list. Do get in touch.


Roisín Dubh

First on my list is a bar/club and an absolute mad spot any night I’ve been in there. Never a bad night in here lads and there will be an element of sadness when it’s eventually time to leave it. So until that point, enjoy quality pints, music, top staff and craic.


O’Connors Famous Pub

This pub is famous for a reason. It’s up in Salthill and well worth the stroll out to it to enjoy a cure or two…or three. It’s a proper traditional Irish pub with great pints, chats and depending on the time you’re there, brilliant live music. I always find it hard dragging myself away from this pub. I suspect you will too.



If you’ve never been to Galway before you could quickly walk past this great little pub. That’s because from the outside it doesn’t really look like a pub. But lads, don’t judge a book by its cover. Pop inside and you’ll find another great Irish pub that hasn’t changed much down through the years. Also it’s worth noting lads. The pint of Guinness in here is savage and I’m not a Guinness drinker!


The Quays

The next bar on our list is the Quays. This is arguably Galway’s most well known popular late bars and it’s located smack bang in the middle of Galway. It always has brilliant live music and serves up some top pints. Earlier in the day you’ll also be able to pick up a tasty munch. For soakage purpose of course. It’s busy most nights lads and there is a savage mix of locals, tourists and stags & hens too.



Monroe’s is widely known throughout Galway and Ireland as being a great live music venue. It also has a quality selection of beers and is a top spot to watch a match on the big screen.



Really couldn’t have a best pubs in Galway list without Naughtons. 130 years of history, this pub is full of character, snugs, great music and delicious pints. This would be my go to for the second day on a Galway stag party as you search for the second wind to attack the night ahead over a pint.


Tig Cóilí

Well worth stopping in here for a pint lads. Be rude not to in fairness. One of the best atmospheres you’ll come across in a pub in Galway. Always a decent crowd and live trad music on pretty much every night of the week in there. And whatever you’re favourite drink is you’ll be served up a fine pint of it.



The Bierhaus is a pub for the lovers of craft beers. They have a huge selection of local beers, beers from breweries across Ireland and of course plenty of imported international ales, pale ales and beers. They also do some quality pub grub here lads and does have a spot of live music from time to time. A very relaxing vibe and atmosphere to enjoy a beer.


The Front Door

If ye’re looking for a lively spot lads then pop over to the Front Door. As I mention it’s a lively spot but has a great atmosphere. It’s also a late bar, never a bad thing, and the DJ’s they get in always get the place hopping.


An Púcán

Last on my list is An Púcán gents. You’ll find this terrific pub just off Eyre Square. Not that Eyre Square is short of quality pubs anyway. This pub has won a couple of awards down through the years. A top spot for trad music and there is a session most night. They also do great pub food, have a decent selection of Irish craft beers and pull a good pint. A solid place to enjoy a few beers during the day on a Galway stag party.

So, there you have it lads the Best Pubs in Galway on a Stag Party Weekend in my opinion. There are so many others that this list could have gone on for pages. But one thing is guaranteed you are in for one hell of a night out in Galway.


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