Cork as a Stag Destination

Cork as a Stag Destination

Thinking about heading to the real capital of Ireland for your Stag Night? Why not choose Cork as a Stag Destination? You won’t be disappointed, Cork has to be one of the best cities for a Stag Night in Ireland. With an endless range of Stag Party activities within easy reach, whether you’re looking for adrenaline sports like Paintball, Karting, Surfing or something more relaxing such as Golf, Sailing, or just enjoying the City, Cork has it all!


Named as a European Capital of Culture, you’ll find a great range of tourist attractions only matched by the numerous bars and nightclubs that will make for a great Stag Night. The city hosts a number of festivals, concerts and gigs throughout the year, so keep an eye on schedules for the Opera House and Marquee to find great Stag Party bonuses that will definitely impress.


Before hitting the town, don’t miss out on the exciting range of restaurants on offer. They serve fresh local produce at award winning standards. And why not add Whiskey Tasting and you’ll start to see why Cork is a Stag Party favourite? For choices on Stag Friendly hotels, and great deals on Stag Party activities as well as bars and nightclubs, check out Stag packages on!



So lads this has been Cork as a Stag Destination! Don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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