The Fear The Best Man Goes Through

The Fear The Best Man Goes Through

The Fear The Best Man Goes Through

Everyone always talks about the groom sweating bullets on the big day. No one even considers or mentions the fear and emotional roller coaster the Best Man goes through from the moment he hears that his best friend has got engaged. So take a minute and appreciate the Fear The Best Man Goes Through. And for the love of god when you see the best man, give him a hug!

The Thought Of Losing His Mate

You’ll hear something along these lines on a wedding day “A marriage is the start of a new life, together…” and so on. While that is true there is no mention of the ending of an era. An era where you drank the shit out of it, bad decisions were always good decisions and you didn’t really have a care in the world. Except for cans!

You and your mates have more than likely been friends with each other longer than the groom knows the bride. But not one mention of how you being the reason this new chapter in your mates life is happening. Sure you were the one that carried his drunk arse up to the club that night. Got him inside the door. Made sure he had a pint in hand. Then sent him on his merry way onto the dancefloor where he met his bride to be. Then proceeded to engage in a serious game of tonsil boxing.

But, you won’t hear that story on the day. The first time they met will be something that sounds far more romantic. So, take a minute to appreciate his sadness and fear that he’ll be forgotten as the reason the couple are together.

The Stag Party Weekend

The Best Man is usually the lad who organises the stag party weekend. We help take the fear away of the stag party weekend being a total shambles here in But the Best Man will be fearful everything goes smoothly on the stag weekend. Remember, he’s the one that’s responsible for the safe return of the groom. The fear that the groom will come back minus eyebrows, a head of hair, liver damage, scurvy or a limb is a real concern.

The only thing that keeps him from tipping over the edge is knowing that we’ve sorted him top accommodation, a great stag party activity and a rake of shots!

The Wedding Day

If fearing for his own life on the stag party weekend wasn’t enough. It’s a return to that fearful state for the Best Man on his friends wedding day. The Fear the Best Man Goes Through on the wedding that can be split into a few categories.

They are the fear of Forgetting, Insulting, Drinking, Ruining stuff, People Hating You, and The Speech. Let’s take them one by one shall we.


The Best Man has so much to remember on the actual wedding day it can make your head spin and have you wake up in cold sweat. He must not forget the rings first off. As funny as it might be. The bride will cut you down where you stand. He must also not forget important people and names. Nothing worse than forgetting the bridesmaids names or the father of the bride.


We all love a beer. Unlike the stag party where lashing into the beers is encouraged. You really have to watch your drinking on the wedding day until you’re in the clear. The fear of striking the right balance of having a few dutch courage cans with the groom before the vows, followed by a swift pint in the local after the church just before the reception and then a few as everyone settles in for the dinner. The need for balance is very important, the Best Man has to stand up in a room in front of strangers and people he knows to deliver a speech. That’s hard enough without sounding like you’ve reverted to cave man times and begin rambling. When you can finally relax and enjoy as much drink as you like, you’ll feel like Obi Wan here!

Ruining Stuff

The fear of ruining stuff is real. As the Best Man this isn’t your day to be fair. So when you’re involved in so many key things during proceedings it can be hard not to get fearful of ruining something. Like not smiling properly in the wedding photos. If they turn out shite you’re in big trouble with the bride. We’ve already mentioned forgetting the rings, getting pissed but you can also ruin a wedding by just being you.

If the bride isn’t your biggest fan and you left the groom close to deaths door after an epic stag party weekend. Then she’s not going to be keen to have you up near the altar. Also if you ruin anything on the day there goes your hope of ever having a night out again with your mate. Scary thought!

People Hating You

This leads me nicely onto something else that the best man fears. He doesn’t have this fear on a stag party weekend because it’s all his mates going. And basically drinking and partying until they fall down. If that party lifestyle has led you to be more acquainted with a bridesmaid who now hates your guts. Or a family that didn’t see the funny side of you and their son waking up in Galway after a night out in Cork. You’re in for a long afternoon.

The Speech and Insulting

These two go hand in hand really. Having a open mic means you have to be so careful about what you say about the groom. You could end insulting a lot of people very quickly by what you say and even how you say it. Might want to work on not cursing so much. A real struggle for me.

After that the actual speech is a mine field in it’s own right. You wanna be funny but what if the joke drops like a lead balloon? Or you try and say something touching and just doesn’t come out right? And what if your voice starts breaking and you’re standing up there shaking like a shitting dog. It’s a lot to deal with.

It’s only after the speeches can the Best Man really let loose. Starting to bring up the stag party weekend in a discreet corner with the lads later that night. Drink like he did on the stag party night and then settle into an all nighter with the lads in the residents bar.

So next time you see the Best Man, tell him don’t worry about the stag party. will sort it. But for everything else give him a hug and let him know everything will be cool.

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