Galway Stag vs Dingle Stag

Galway Vs Dingle

Galway Stag vs Dingle Stag

The first thing that the stag organiser thinks about is the location of the stag and where to have it. So here at we have made the decision process a little easier. If you can’t decide between Galway or Dingle then here’s a few things to help you make your mind up. So here’s Galway Stag vs Dingle Stag!


One of the most popular places to go with the lads for a stag is Galway as it is such an energetic town. Stags are often bumping into hens while they are here! With so may things to do here it’s no wonder that it is such a hit with stag parties. And here’s why…

  • Explore Eyre Square as it has a huge range of pubs and clubs to choose from.
  • There is always a buzz around the town with live music in plentiful.
  • Why not go to a brewery tour in Galway. Here you will be able to experience what goes into making beer. At the end of the tour you can enjoy a sample of the beers on offer.
  • Grab the lads and go paintballing. This is one of the more popular activities with the stag parties! Sure who wouldn’t want the opportunity to bash some paintballs at your friends! Airsoft is another activity that you may find enjoyable. It’s like paintball but the gun that is used resembles that of a real firearm.
  • Karting is a fun activity for all stag goers! Race your opponents and see who really is the alpha male among the stag group.
  • Zorbing is an activity that people find quite enjoyable for a stag party. As well as that you can do water zorbing for those of the stags who prefer water sports.
  • Bubble soccer is always an activity that is popular with the lads. This sport is sweeping across Ireland and the U.K. Round up the guys and take some revenge for other soccer matches that might not have gone in your favour in the past!
  • Disc Golf is a different type of option to go for if you are looking to try out something new.
  • Enjoy at night at the dogs! Have fun betting and having a few pints with the the stag crew.




  • Dingle has been voted as one of the most beautiful places on earth by National Geographic. It is packed with pubs, nightclubs and sports activities. One of the main advantages of having a stag in Dingle is the fact that everything is so central. The need for no taxis is great as it saves you money which means you’ll have more at the end of the night for an extra few rounds of drinks!
  • Why not go to Ballyhass Lakes near Mallow on the way to the stag where you can go wakeboarding.
  • Why not enjoy a booze cruise! You can hire a bus and driver for the day and visit pubs all around Slea Head and take in the beautiful scenery while having the craic. After the day you can return to Dingle town centre and enjoy the nightlife entertainment on offer.
  • As an activity you can go swimming with the famous Fungie the Dingle Dolphin.
  • Dingle also provides a brewery tour where you can experience what it is like to make the beer! and you even get a pint afterwards! Can’t go wrong with this as a stag activity!
  • For the adrenaline junkies among you why not try out surfing! Ride some waves with the lads and see how long you can last standing on the board!
  • Kayaking is one for the guys that love the thrill that the water brings.


We can guarantee that it will be a stag weekend that you won’t forget. There’s something on offer to everyone with a wide range of activities to chose from in both locations. So what are you waiting for?


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