How To Make It Through The Stag Party Weekend

How To Make It Through The Stag Party Weekend

How To Make It Through The Stag Party Weekend

It’s that time of the year lads when all of a sudden you’re added to a variety of Stag Whatsapp groups. All the lads are rifling in ideas and suggestions of where to go and what to do. As well as videos that should never be opened in public. It’s at this moment it begins to dawn on you. You’re about to head away on a weekend with a load of mad men. You’re filled with excitement and worry all at the same time. So I thought I’d throw together a little guide on How To Make It Through The Stag Party Weekend!

Pace Yourself

Golden rule on a Stag Party weekend is pace yourself in my opinion. It’s a marathon not a sprint. When you kick it all off on Friday after work, you’re in for one hell of a session. You don’t want to miss a thing on the Stag so be sensible enough lads. Wait til later in the night before you hit the hay to really let loose.


Pick up a 2 litre bottle of water lads. Lash some into you before you fall asleep and neck the rest first thing in the morning. You need to rehydrate a bit to plough into the second day and night of the Stag weekend.


Round up the lads and make sure you all get in a hearty breakfast lads. You’ll need the energy for the day and to soak up the drink from the night before. A liquid only diet will not end well on a Stag. Soakage is key!

Active Stag Party Activity

An active stag party activity like paintball, bubble football or zip lining is always a great option. Not only are they brilliant craic but you’ll sweat out those shots we organised you in the club last night. You’ll feel like a new man after a bit of run around, a sweat and a shower. You’ll be ready to tackle the pints, an afternoon of sport on the telly and a wild night out.

The No Turning Back Point

This is the point on the last night of the stag, around the 1am mark. Where you just go for it with shots and pints and make sure the Stag has a proper send off that he’ll never forget. You’re heading home tomorrow so you can recover then.

The Hangover Cure

What ever your hangover cure is lads. Have it waiting for you when you get home. You didn’t have to deal with a hangover after the first night as you probably didn’t sober up. But, with work tomorrow and the fear setting in. You need your tried and tested cure to get you through.



All in all though, it’s all worth it for a killer stag party weekend away with the lads. How To Make It Through The Stag Party Weekend should always be about maximizing your time partying with the lads instead of being in a heap back in your accommodation.


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