Kerry for a Stag Party

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All the way down in the south west of Ireland, Kerry is a fantastic area with so much to offer a stag party. Kerry is one of Ireland’s largest counties and this is backed up by the amount that it has to offer. From glamping or hotel rooms to hiking or surfing, Kerry has so much to offer and it’s all spread out nicely between its main towns which are Tralee, Killarney, Kenmare and Dingle.


So let’s get into why Kerry is a great spot for a stag party. Here’s Kerry for a Stag Party!


Accommodation on a Kerry Stag

All of the main towns in Kerry, (Tralee, Killarney, Kenmare and Dingle) have some great accommodation for you and the lads in the stag party to use as your place to hit the hay after a long day and night out. But Kerry also has some amazing spots to go camping or even glamping. Pack your tent and warmer clothes and you can live on the wild side for a night or two and maybe even get an ol’ campfire going. 


Ease of Access

Kerry is a tourist hotspot as well as a top stag and hen party destination so finding travel routes in and out of Kerry is pretty easy. Depending on where you go, a lot of the public buses travel along the Ring of Kerry route. So not only will you find some transport but you’ll take in some fantastic scenery at the same time! The train is also an option if you’re travelling to Killarney or Tralee.


Activities on a Kerry Stag

Since Kerry is a coastal county, a lot more water-based activities can be found here. Fancy a boating trip, or maybe a surfing session? Kerry has it and more! But Kerry also has all of the usual activities as well, such as paintballing, Bubble Soccer, a Brewery Tour, Laser Combat, Target Archery and more! Whichever type of activity you want to do, you’ll find it in Kerry!


Food & Drink

Kerry is home to some amazing food and drink! Whether you’re heading to Dingle, Tralee, Kenmare or Killarney, you’ll find something to suit everyone and it’ll be really enjoyable for all on the stag party! It’s important to fill those bellies before the drinks start flowing, lads! Treyvaud’s Restaurant in Killarney is amazing!



The nightlife is probably the most important thing that stag parties look for. It can be the sole decider on what makes or breaks a stag party plan. But rest assured because no matter where you go in Kerry you’re going to find some fantastic atmosphere. You’ll also find a collection of great bars and nightclubs scattered all over. All you need to do is find one that suits the group and away you go! Killarney Grand is a nightclub that doubles up as a hotel.



With strong roots in Irish history and a traditional Irish culture flowing through its veins, Kerry is a great location for any party and it definitely hits the spot for a stag party. It won’t matter whether you go to Dingle, Kenmare, Tralee or Killarney. They’re all as good as each other. They’re also the reason Kerry is a very popular stag and hen party destination.


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