Kilkenny for a Stag Party

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Have you been considering Kilkenny for a stag party? Well look no further because we’re about to tell you why it’s a great place for a stag party. Kilkenny is located in an ideal spot! It’s roughly the midway point where places like Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford meet and this makes it such a convenient spot if you’ve got people travelling from those areas.

Kilkenny is a very popular destination for both stag parties and hen parties and it’s built up a fantastic reputation over the years because of the fun that can be had in the town. It’s a medieval town with some amazing places to see and it’s full of character as well as some very friendly folk.

So let’s get into the most important stuff. Here’s Kilkenny for a Stag Party.



Accommodation on a Kilkenny Stag

If you’re looking for a mix of accommodation types then look no further because Kilkenny has that mix. Choose from a collection of hotels, B&B’s and even glamping huts and cabins. The choice is completely yours and depends only on your personal preference.


Ease of Access

Because of its location as the midpoint between all of the big cities and towns in Ireland, Kilkenny is such a convenient spot to choose. If you don’t want to privately hire your own transport or even drive your own cars, then the public transport routes into Kilkenny will do just fine. Regular routes are provided by both bus and train. The choice is yours on how you want to arrive to Kilkenny on your stag party.


Food & Drink

Kilkenny is a fantastic spot for food and drink because of how compact the town is. It’s relatively small in size. But it makes up for it in how many places it has within the town boundaries. Because of this, everything is so close by. All you’ve got to do is find a place suitable for you to have some adequate soakage before you find a place to drink within a very short walking distance. The Rive Gauche is a fantastic spot!


Nightlife on a Kilkenny Stag

There is a nice selection of nightclubs available in Kilkenny. You can listen to and dance to some of your favourite tunes while keeping the banter and drinks flowing with the lads. Perfect for when you’re ready to move on from the pub atmosphere and want something more upbeat and energetic.



You’ll find all of the popular activities in Kilkenny. Activities such as paintballing, karting, a brewery tour and shooting. But what you’ll also find are extra activities that aren’t easy to find elsewhere like a Medieval Tour and the stag version of The Cube.



Kilkenny has a very welcoming feel and it’ll make your stag party feel welcome from the second you get there. You might even make some new friends. You’ll bump into stag or hen parties looking for the same thing you are…fun!



So if Kilkenny sounds like the kind of place you want to bring your stag party then check out our Kilkenny Stag Party package now and let’s get the stag party booked for you and the lads!



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