Mayo Slang To Slag Dublin

Mayo Slang To Slag Dublin

Mayo Slang To Slag Dublin

It’s finally upon us after months of games, heartache and near misses. The GAA All Ireland Football final in Dublin is here. Mayo have the 1951 hoodoo still hanging over them but this year they have a great chance of taking it against a very good Dublin side.

All Ireland Final day is a fantastic spectacle and there will be a few dramas and talking points from the action on the day. One thing that’s always enjoyable on match day is the slagging between both sets of fans.

With that in mind, so people from Dublin aren’t lost in translation, here is the Mayo Slang to Slag Dublin. This will also come in handy on a Mayo or Westport stag party.


Dobhrán – A way a describe a fool or idiot.

Buinneach – It’s Irish for diarrhoea. It’s used when telling someone to stop talking shit. “Stop talkin buinneach”.

Mawn – Another way of saying ‘Come on’.

Rowlin(g) – Used as another word for joking.

Glizz – Used to describe something good. Like ‘that point was glizz’.

Ho Ho Boy! – Used for when something exciting happens. Again for the all Ireland final it could be ” Ho Ho Boy, that was some goal by O’Shea!

Guttersnipe – A way of describing someone useless. ‘Yer man is pure guttersnipe’.

Heimes – An alternative word for ‘mess’.


U’ve A Walk On Ya Like A Belgian Blue – You’ve a gammy walk and could be used to slag one of the Dublin players.

I’ll Open Ya Like A Bag Of Tayto – ‘I’ll beat you up’ and will be used to describe Mayo’s physicality against Dublin.

It’s As Smooth As A Cow’s Arshe! – It means Smooth and could also be used to describe Mayo’s smooth football.

A Rattle Of The Ceann Between The Suile – Basically it means headbutt. Well you never know what might transpire during the game between Mayo and Dublin.

Ya Wouldn’t Manage Mice At A Crossroads – Used to describe a guy who’s unable to manage or look after something. Might be a few players on the day that suffer from this.

Awkward As A Pig In Reverse – A very clumsy or person. Which of the Dublin team will be clumsy in front of goal this weekend.

So there you have it. Slagging that will be thrown the way of Dublin from Mayo fans. I think we are all looking forward to a great game and may the best team win. Just imagine the atmosphere if you are on a Dublin stag party or Mayo stag party this weekend!


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