Paddy’s Day Stag Party

Paddys Day Stag Party

Paddy’s Day Stag Party

Whether you are Irish through and through, living in Ireland for your whole life, sporting a serious farmers tan and have a penchant for chicken rolls – or just a big fan of Ireland and Irish culture, having a Paddy’s Day Stag party has its obvious appeal. There’s a crazy festive atmosphere and a long weekend – the conditions are perfect for a Stag Party.

But if ye’re not the crowd who are into heading into a packed town and tunneling your way through the crowds, maybe check out these alternative Paddy’s Day ideas. While they still have St. Patrick’s Day vibes, they are a tad more refined.. At least for the start of the afternoon anyway!

A tour of the Aran Islands is one way to see a hell of a lot of green this St. Patrick’s day. This scenic landscape is head clearing and breathtaking. Clear out the cobwebs for the afternoon and then decide whether to hit the town.

Any fans for Father Ted? Check out this amazing Father Ted tour. Make your own Eurovision entry by the lovely horse waterfall and pass many, many Father Ted quotes back and forth to one another. Or, depending on how much you identify with that farmers tan you sport – you may want to chance your arm at this amazing Culchie Craic experience! Milk a cow, chase a hen around a yard, fall on your backside in a pile of mud – all of the good things! This hilarious experience will be one that will be hard to be forgotten.

What ever you end up doing, the craic will be in the air! St. Patrick’s day is the perfect time to celebrate a stag party!

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