Olympic Tennis Drinking Game

Tennis Drinking Game

Olympic Tennis Drinking Game

If it’s your stag or a friends stag around the time of the Olympics then you should check out the rules for the Olympic tennis drinking game that all the lads will enjoy the night of the stag.

The Olympic tennis drinking game is a great way to turn a tennis sporting event into a drinking one so why not try it as a pre drinks game before you head out for the stag party or if you are at a pub it’s a good one to do if the tennis is on the television at the same time. It’s also an ideal event for any tennis and booze fans and it will be a memorable (for most of the night) stag night for all the lads.

Whether you are new to the sport of tennis or you are a massive fan, you will love this drinking game for something a little different for a stag party night. Everyone knows that adding alcohol to any event is going to make it better. We’re fully aware that watching two world class grunting men or women battering a tennis ball back and forth over a net is really entertaining, however if you find that you are in the minority that are not completely fascinated by this, then our Olympic tennis drinking game will make it a little more interesting.


Take a sip when:

A player makes an unnecessary grunting noise.

A commentator makes a terrible attempt at pronouncing a foreign name.

A player wipes their face with a towel.

It begins to rain.

A player shakes their head in disapproval.

The ball boy runs across the court.

Take a chug when:

A player changes his/her clothes or racket.

A commentator makes a really obvious comment like ”They need to stop hitting the ball off the net”.

A player takes a drink of water.

The camera zooms in on a celebrity and you don’t know who they are.

Down your drink when:

A commentator remarks on the disappointment of a players performance.

Someone says ‘how can you watch tennis it’s so boring’, or something to that effect.

The ball boy gets hit with a tennis ball.

Take a shot when:

Two players turn up in the same attire.

A player swings the racket in their hand in a 360 degree spin.

A player pulls a funny facial expression.

No matter what your preferred drink is for a stag party I’m sure you will agree that this game will be even more enjoyable when you have a set of drinking rules to follow!

Let the games begin!


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