Planning a Stag

Planning a Stag

Planning a Stag

Here are some handy tips to make planning a stag quick and easy….



Planning a Stag:

1. Decide on the location of the Stag Party

2. Pick a date

3. Get guests names and their email addresses from the groom.

4. Find accommodation at the location. (Usually better to say you are a stag)

5. Find something to do for the afternoon of the Stag – golf, paintball, watch a match in a pub etc.Check out some options *here*

6. Email all the lads and ask them email you back by a certain date – get numbers for the accommodation and for the activity. Email everyone your mobile number.

7. Book the accommodation once you have your numbers. Book the activity

8. If deposits are needed for the accommodation, send out your bank details to the lads and ask them to send the money onto you


Two weeks before the Stag:

1. Make sure everyone is still coming

2. Ring the accommodation and make sure your booking is still ok

3. Contact the activity and make sure your booking is still ok

Get t-shirts printed if you are planning on them for the Stag.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know for planning a stag. We hope this info comes in handy for you and your Stag party.



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