Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend!

Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend

Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend!

Every guy wants to have a wild Stag Party weekend. In a way, one last big blow out before he ties the knot. He wants the feeling that in a way he’s left nothing on the pitch. To use a sport reference. So, with 2019 stag party planning well under way, I thought I’d throw in a few Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend into the mix.


Jelly Wrestling

Two words I’m sure has peaked your interest. Yes you heard me right. Why not enjoy a spot of jelly wrestling and a show to kick start the Stag Party proceedings. Just a heads up, you may have to venture abroad on the stag for this activity.



It’s not every week you’re going on a stag so why not choose an activity that’s a little out of the ordinary. So why not satisfy your need for speed and get an adrenaline rush when you spend an afternoon racing Hovercrafts! These hovercrafts are brilliant craic lads and will have you on edge from start to finish.


Axe Throwing

Unleash your inner wild man on the Stag and try a spot of Axe Throwing lads. Nothing seems more manly then flinging axes at targets for an afternoon followed by a few pints in the pub afterwards. It will set you up nicely for the night ahead.


Drive A Tank

This is on my list of stag party activities for my own stag lads. You get to take an actual Tank for a spin and drive over a few obstacles along the way. You’ll have to head to Prague for it, but anyone who has been to Prague on a Stag Party weekend. The city is a wild night out and the beers are cheaper than water lads. That says it all.


Bare Foot Broken Glass Challenge

Finally on our list of Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend. We have the Bare Foot Broken Glass Challenge. Now I can’t imagine it’s high on many guys lists to walk over shards of broken glass as a stag party activity. But this is a wild idea lads. Just imagine the rush after completing the challenge.


So, there you have it lads. Just a few Wild Ideas for your Stag Party weekend to wet the appetite for your Stag in 2019. Will you be trying any of these activities out?


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