Slang To Know On A Waterford Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Waterford Stag Party

Slang To Know On A Waterford Stag Party

So you’ve decided on a Waterford stag party. Can’t fault you there. Waterford is a fantastic place to have a stag party weekend with enough stag party activities to keep your entertained and even more top quality pubs and clubs that will have you partying long into the night. So this is Slang To Know On A Waterford Stag Party.

The one thing you will notice if when you go to Waterford is that they have a wonderful grasp of the English language and vocabulary. They have slang words and sayings you just don’t hear anywhere else in the country. So to make sure you don’t get confused at any time while on your Waterford stag party here is a list of Waterford slang words and sayings, and their meanings. There might even be a few you’ll end using when you get home.

We’ll start with sayings;

I’d Ate De Bollix Off A Low Flying Duck” – Which means “I’m quiet peckish”.

Were You Made In The Glass Factory” – Which means “You’re standing in front of the TV and get out of the way. We can’t see through you”. This one is good to know in case there is a match on and you’re blocking the TV.

I Wouldn’t Meet Her With A Shoulder, Boi” – Which means “She’s not an attractive woman”.

Tongue On Me Like Gandhi’s Flip Flop” –  Which means “I have awful dry mouth, which is the result of the excess alcohol that was consumed last night” on the stag party of course.

G’way, I Wouldn’t Ride Ya Inta Battle” – Which means “Apologies, but you’re not my type”.

You’re About As Useful As A Kilkenny Man With A Football” – Which means “You are beyond useless”

G’way Boi, I Wouldn’t Even Poke Her On Facebook” – Which means “She’s a lovely girl but not for me”

Also a few words that you should be aware off just in case they pop up mid conversation and you’re wondering what the hell are they on about.

Slack” – Which means “Harsh or Unfair” and not loose or a type of casual trousers.

Haboo” – Which means “Sleep” and not something you say to entertain a toddler while playing peek-a-boo.

Lack” – Which means “Boyfriend/Girlfriend or someone of the opposite sex”. Often used in sentences like “See the Lack over there” and “She’s some Lack!”.

Gallybander” – Which means, nothing to most people, but it’s a “Slingshot Implement”. So run if someone threatens to use that on you.

Well Boi” – Which means “Hello”, regardless of age or gender

So there you have it. You are thoroughly prepare for your Waterford stag party. There’s no way you won’t know what everyone is saying.

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