12 Pubs of Christmas Rules

12 Pubs of Christmas Rules

12 Pubs of Christmas Rules

Ho, Ho, Ho and all that jazz! It’s that time of the year again lads. That time when your drinking skills get truly tested along with your bank balance that has to last until pay day in January. The fear already. No doubt wherever you are in the country there is a 12 pubs of Christmas. And if you don’t have 12 pubs in your town, (highly doubtful in Ireland), just have 12 drinks in one pub.

For all those planning 12 pubs here are the 12 pubs of Christmas rules pub by pub:

  1. Nobody is allowed use their phone. Easier said then done.
  2. Swap shoes with someone in the group before ordering your next drink.
  3. Bad hand to drink.
  4. No speaking. So order your drink without words and no talking to friends either. Just neck the pint and move on.
  5. Can’t touch your own food or drink. Someone has to feed you your pint. Be lucky this is not at pub 12.
  6. You must speak in a foreign accent.
  7. Shot (The moment the night takes a turn)!
  8. The short arse in the group has to stand up, on something high so we can see him, and do a roll call. If he forgets a name. He has to do a shot. This will also help to see if you’ve lost anyone.
  9. The barman’s name is Guinness. ie Can I have a pint of Bud please Guinness? If the barman serves you a Guinness, you have to neck it.
  10. Not allowed rest your drink anywhere. No putting it on a table. Might not be that hard when the pubs are rammed anyway.
  11. Pretend you don’t know each other as you drink pints
  12. Has to hug a stranger, do a shot with them and finish their pint before they can leave the pub.

Should make for an interesting night lads. Like on any stag party don’t leave any man behind. Finally, If someone gets a little worse for wear make sure they take a round out and drink plenty of water.

So, Merry Christmas lads!



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