8 Wild Winter Stag Party Activities

8 Wild Winter Stag Party Activities

8 Wild Winter Stag Party Activities

Winter has finally arrived lads. And with it has come the inevitable cold weather and people across the country saying “It’s Baltic”! This cold weather shouldn’t deter you from any stag party shenanigans because we’ve put together the 8 Wild Winter Stag Party Activities.


1. Bar Crawl Beauties

First up is the Bar Crawl Beauties. Located indoors for the most part the only time you’ll have to experience those arctic gales will be on route to the next pub. Don’t worry lads, you’ll kept warm on arrival with some hearty beers, drinking games, shots and of course the Bar crawl beauty herself. If the shots of whiskey don’t make you hot under the collar, she most certainly will.

2. Beer and Curry Class

It’s vitally important to stay hydrated and fueled on a big stag party night during winter. So why not avail of a Beer and Curry class. You’ll learn how to make a ridiculously hot curry that will keep you warm all through Christmas but also what beer to pair it with. Not only will this keep you warm on your stag party pub crawl but it will also ensure you have a bit of soakage for all the shots we have lined up for you.

3. Distillery Tour

Another indoor stag party activity that will be a sanctuary from the cold weather and a heaven for all those lads that love a strong drink. Learn how your favourite whiskeys are made, it’s history and of course enjoy a few samples. These samples will warm your insides while on route to your first stop on the stag party night. We do however suggest drinking it instead of this…

4. Bowling

If you fancy being a little more active that simply lifting a glass to your mouth then give bowling a crack. You’ll be nice and warm indoors, flaking balls down an alley and there will be a bar too for liquid refreshments. Or to make your game a little more interesting. All you need to do is know what celebration you’ll do when you get a strike.

5. Sports Matches

One brilliant thing about the Winter is the serious amount of sport on TV. The Christmas fixtures in both football and rugby always delight. Then throw on top of that the Darts in Alexandra Palace, NFL and the fact you’ve a bit of extra time to indulge in all the sporting action. So if you’re sports mad then make it your stag party activity and we’ll sort you a warm spot in a pub with finger food, shots and as much sport as you can handle. So much sport, it’s what makes Christmas magical!

6. Pour Your Own Pint

A stag party isn’t really complete with out a pint. It’s that brilliant moment when you’ve been gasping all week for a pint with the lads. Is there anything worse though when someone pours you a shit pint? Don’t leave it to chance lads. We offer Pour Your Own Pint as a stag activity. So you can make sure that every pint you have, is exactly the way you like it!

7. Whiskey Tasting

It’s Hot Toddy season lads. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how good they are…for medicinal purposes of course. Winter in Ireland is always cold and wet so enjoying a Whiskey tasting on the stag party weekend will be sure to warm the body up. You’ll get to try a variety of Whiskeys on the tasting. You’ll be sure to find one that you love or a whiskey you’ve never heard of take you by surprise. Always brilliant criac on the stag party!

8. Skiing and Snowboarding

For all those who will brave the icy weather, there really isn’t any better winter stag activity than Skiing or Snowboarding. Hit the slopes, get the adrenaline rush you’re looking for and make it safely back to the chalet for some beers. Anyone that has being skiing will admit to it being one of the best trips they’ve had and what a way to spend your stag party than a few days on the slopes. Just make sure to stay concentrated as you come down the slope.

So there you have it lads, 8 Wild Winter Stag Party Activities for you to consider this winter season. With everyone in a festive frame of mind on every night out over the next few weeks, it will be a memorable one. Enjoy!



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