Galway for a Stag Party in 2020

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Have you got a Stag party coming up and need to find a location to go to? Well, look no further! Galway is a fantastic city and it’s a massively popular Stag and Hen party destination. You’ll definitely bump into another group of lads or ladies on your Galway Stag. But why is Galway such a popular location? Well, we’re about to fill you in. Here’s Galway for a Stag Party.


The West (or Wesht) of Ireland is mostly made up of small towns and lots of green fields. It’s also where you’ll find all of the best trad music scenes. The traditional Irish culture is alive and well in the West of Ireland. But Galway is a city that stands out. It’s a city that combines the traditional Irish culture with the big city feel. And it does it really well! You won’t find a more perfect blend of old and modern Ireland anywhere else.


The city centre is nice and compact. You’ll find everything within a short walking distance and it makes Galway a really convenient location for a Stag party. Let’s face it, lads. You’re not going to stay in one pub all night. In Galway the pubs are so near each other so you’ll be moving between them with ease.


But let’s get into the rest of what makes Galway such a fantastic spot for a stag party.


The Activities on a Galway Stag

Galway is home to a massive variety of Stag party activities that range from relaxing to adventurous to downright getting the blood pumping. These activities include things such as a Night at the Dogtrack, Axe Throwing, Footgolf, Karting, Bubble Soccer, Shooting, Mountain Biking, Zorbing and many more. For a full list of activities check out our Galway Stag Party Package. One thing’s for sure…you won’t be disappointed with the range of activities available in Galway!


The Nightlife

The nightlife in Galway is something else! Start your night off with a bite to eat in one of the many amazing restaurants around Galway. You’re going to need a bit of soakage for the night ahead. Once that stage is over, then move the party onto one of the many bars Galway has to offer. Each bar ranges from fantastic trad music to Pop Charts music. By the end of the night you will definitely have heard a bit of both! So when the group is ready to really get the party going, Galway has a number of incredible nightclubs for you to go to. End the night in style with some drinks and dance moves.


So it’s clear to see why Galway is such a popular hit between Stag and Hen parties. As well as the city you can also head to Salthill and Connemara. The choice is fully yours. Whichever you choose, Galway is sure to show you a great time, lads!


So if Galway is the place for you then send us an email now at and let’s get your Galway Stag booked!




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